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PSA: Get Gloria Victis For Less Than Five Bucks

For nearly two weeks, you can get your hands on Gloria Victis for less than five dollars. The Humble War Gamez Bundle is up and running and you can get your hands on a number of titles for more than the average price, $4.29 as of this writing, and pick up fantasy MMO Gloria Victis […]


Gloria Victis Balances Combat

Gloria Victis is tweaking combat once again, this week shortening the distance between new and experienced players. Players will find upon logging in that weapon damage has been adjusted as well as health scaling and passive abilities to ensure that higher level players won’t just roll over fresh accounts. Other aspects of the game have […]

Gloria Victis Adds NPC Battles, War Is Coming

Gloria Victis’ latest patch is putting focus on player immersion, in the form of NPC battles and exhaustible resources. While the scope is starting out small, with animal hunting and mercenary fights, NPCs will eventually be engaging in all out war that players can join in on or dutifully side step away from. In addition […]