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The Current State Of Gods & Heroes

I’m writing this in response to a comment recently left here at MMO Fallout by user Sapphic about the game Gods & Heroes: Well the servers went down in September and according to the website still haven’t come back up, the forums are still down I can confirm. No reply from trying to contact them, no update or reply […]


Gods & Heroes Doesn’t Have Developers

Gods & Heroes has had a rough life for an MMO. Back in the day the game began under Perpetual Entertainment which turned out to be not so perpetual and went bankrupt in 2008, orphaning its two MMOs. Already hit with a setback, Gods & Heroes was bought up by Heatwave Interactive, developed further and […]

Gods & Heroes: Subscriptions Rescinded

I like Gods & Heroes, in fact it was the game the spurred on the “Why Aren’t You Playing” editorial series I’ve been neglecting. Despite how I feel about the game, Heatwave Interactive met with a rather low reception since launch last year, and mentioned in July that the developer was considering a free to […]

Week In Review: Tardiness Is Not Tolerated Edition

????????????! I’ve been spending the past few days not on homework or work-work, on figuring out exactly how I want to inject videos into MMO Fallout, as I’ve promised many times in the past. My first video, that I’ll hopefully release in the next week or so, is a quick look at the Sony Authenticator. Since […]

Gods & Heroes Trial Extended: 7 Days

Seven days isn’t just enough time for a small Japanese girl to come out of your television and murder you. I’m going to go on a limb and guess that, although appealing to some, the three day Gods and Heroes trial just wasn’t long enough of a sample period for many prospective buyers. As a […]

Why Aren’t You Playing: Gods & Heroes

Why Should I Play is a new series where I dive into games and discuss my experiences. This article is not meant to be un-bias’d and due to the intrinsic nature of MMOs, reflects the product at the time of publish but may not reflect the product at the time of reading. As always, MMO […]

Gods & Heroes: Three Day Trial

Free to play may be coming to Gods & Heroes at some unknown point in the unknown future, but why let that stop you from trying the game now? Launched today by Heatwave Interactive, players can get into the mythological MMO for three days absolutely free of charge. All you have to do is enter […]

Gods & Heroes: Pricing, Free To Play, Discussions:

Gods & Heroes launched by Heatwave Interactive to a surprisingly small audience, despite the game’s performance on the Steam sales charts. Heatwave, being a small company, came forth over a week ago with some surprisingly blunt admissions: “We don’t need 500k users to be successful. However, our current growth rate isn’t good enough.” An article […]

Gods & Heroes: Heatwave Fully Committed

Gods & Heroes is one of those MMOs that’ll make you snap your fingers, point at the monitor, and say “I think I remember that game. It launched, right? It was developed by Blizzard or something.” At least that’s what my editor in chief said when I pitched this article. Gods & Heroes, the oft-not-mentioned […]

Gods & Heroes: Class, Say Thank You to Heatwave Interactive

Back when Cryptic Studios was more like “Cryptic plans for a company,” Perpetual Entertainment was taking care of Star Trek Online and another title, Gods & Heroes, an Ancient Rome MMO set in a realm of Cyclops, Gladiators, and more. Thanks to several rounds of layoffs by Perpetual Entertainment in 2007, Gods & Heroes was […]