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Reminder: Chrome Users Losing RuneScape Support

Chrome users will need to change browsers or download the official client if they wish to continue playing RuneScape after this month. As part of April’s updates, Google has announced that they are dropping support for the Netscape Plugin API, and Java support is going down with it. As a result, games likes RuneScape will […]


2014 In Review: “Needed To Happen” Moments

Let’s look at the year with rose tinted glasses, or perhaps a rose-tinted glass of hard liquor. As with any year, we had a lot of bad and a lot of good, but whether good or bad some of these just had to happen for the good of us all. 1. Goodbye Mythic Entertainment This […]

Less Massive: Google Pays $19 Million Over Apps

Google has been ordered by the Federal Trade Commission to pay $19 million in refunds for apps and in-app purchases made by children since 2011 when in-app purchases were first introduced to the service. The Federal Trade Commission most notably took issue with the premise that Google didn’t do enough to protect customers from unauthorized […]