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Blizzard Again Promises Tough Punishment For Overwatch Trolls

If you could formulate a plan to effectively punish, and get rid of, toxic players in your community, you might just become the richest person in the gaming industry. Until then, we’ll need to sit back and watch as developers continue to commit to punishing toxic community members and hope that everything works out for […]

[NM] Friday The 13th Cans Team Killing Because Its Community Can’t Behave Itself

Gun Media is removing team killing from Friday the 13th because its community can’t play the game responsibly, the developer announced on Reddit today. In Friday the 13th, one player takes the role of Jason Voorhees while seven others take the roles of camp counselors and try to escape or fight Jason. Or they can […]

Overwatch Promises More Bans For Bad Behavior

Blizzard wants you to know that they are completely committed to dealing with toxic behavior in Overwatch. Effective immediately, offending players will begin receiving harsher punishments for cheating, griefing, trolling, spam, and match disruption (intentional AFK). Exactly how strict Blizzard’s punishments will be will need to be seen. We know that making Overwatch a truly […]

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