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Guild Wars 2 Releases Path of Fire Launch Trailer

Arenanet has released the launch trailer for Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire. Check it out embedded above. Are you prepared to confront a god? Path of Fire launches September 22.

Guild Wars 2 Expansion Weekend Is Live

Arenanet has officially launched the second preview weekend for Guild Wars 2’s next expansion, Path of Fire. You don’t need to have pre-ordered to get in on the action either, as any active account can join in on the festivities. Players will be able to take part in the demo until Sunday, August 20. To […]

Guild Wars 2 Announces Next Expansion: Path of Fire

Arenanet has announced the next expansion pack coming to Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire. Set to launch later this September, Path of Fire introduces a new villain in the form of the god Balthazar, who comes to Tyria to destroy the world and kill the elder dragons. The expansion brings tons of new content, […]

Guild Wars 2: World V World Poll Now Available

Should the Desert borderlands be removed from Guild Wars 2 World vs World? The team at Arenanet is holding a community poll and wants your opinion on whether or not the changes would provide a superior play experience. Players can log in and vote at the link below. Vote here.

Guild Wars 2 Polling WvW Content

How should Arenanet prioritize world vs world content? They want to know, and they’d like you to tell them. In a post on the official website, players have been invited to vote on which project the team will work on next. The polls are open until May 4th. (Source: Guild Wars 2)

Learn About Guild Wars 2 Animations

Ever had any interest in what goes into animating your favorite characters and bosses? In the latest episode of Guild Chat, Arenanet’s game designers discuss concepts like reusing animation rigs, how to scale bosses up to a larger size, and dealing with animation speeds. The entire video is nearly an hour and has plenty of footage […]

Heart of Thorns Is Officially Here

Guild Wars 2 players have reason to rejoice today, as Arenanet has launched the latest and first paid expansion to the MMO. The expansion adds a number of firsts to the game, from raids to the new mastery system, guild halls, and more. The Heart of Thorns expansion is available on the Guild Wars 2 […]

Guild Wars 2 Is Now Free To Play

With Heart of Thorns right around the corner, Arenanet has announced a major change in the Guild Wars 2 business model. Starting yesterday (the 29th), anyone can now access the core game for no down payment. In the announcement, Arenanet discusses the move being partially in response to other games where the heavy list of expansions […]

Arenanet Responds To Expansion Criticism

In response to recent criticism over the handling of Heart of Thorns, Arenanet has posted a comprehensive compensation and refund policy. For veteran players, Arenanet is offering a free character slot to anyone who owns the base game and pre-orders the Heart of Thorns expansion and registers it prior to launch. The announcement that Heart […]

Guild Wars 2 Kills, Deletes, Then Bans Cheater

What could be worse than having your account publicly banned on an MMO? When the developer films themself logging into your account and manually deleting your characters. Chris Cleary, game security lead over at Arenanet, did just this against a rather notable cheater, first committing suicide and then logging out and deleting his characters, all uploaded […]