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Heroes & Generals Will Still Ban You If Your Cat Cheats

Heroes & Generals developer Reto-Moto has zero tolerance for cheaters, even if your cat is the one (allegedly) installing the nefarious programs. While cheaters are regularly banned in waves, the folks at Reto-Moto want anyone thinking of giving themselves an advantage to “try it out” should know that there is a zero tolerance policy in […]

Path Of Exile May Have Been Breached, Passwords Protected Says GGG

Grinding Gear Games may have been the latest victim of internet shenanigans, as Grinding Gear Games has announced that it is investigating a potential breach of the servers from March 13 to 23. The developer is unaware of any potential information theft, however has assured users that not only is payment information not stored on […]

In Plain English: Epic Sues Paragon Cheat Maker

Epic Games has launched a lawsuit against German gamer Robin Kreibich under allegations that the defendant violated copyright by selling cheat software for their upcoming MOBA game, Paragon. The program, known as SystemCheats, claims to be the most powerful hack for Paragon and sells as a monthly subscription for approximately $10/month. The hack promises to […]

Tree of Savior Bans Another 5,600 Accounts

IMCGames has announced another mass ban in Tree of Savior. As posted on its official website, the ban targeted players using a third party program to allow themselves access to the game’s market, repair, and other interfaces outside of the game’s cities. As part of the announcement, IMCGames also broke down exactly how these players […]

Cheat Makers Are Still Shady, Black Desert Online Botters Figure Out

Here at MMO Fallout, I’ve made several attempts to warn people of the dangers of downloading bot software and doing business with gold farmers in online games. Not only do you risk the safety of your accounts, but you also take a chance of having your computer compromised and your identity stolen. Gold farmers, it […]

Survarium Slams Cheaters, Bans Over 100

Survarium developer Vostok Games has announced another wave of bans, removing one hundred accounts for violating the game’s rules on using cheats. All of the accounts can be found, by name, on the Steam announcement page. Vostok regularly posts the names of accounts banned for cheating, and recommends that players use the report tool at […]

Trion Worlds Promises Bans For Cheaters, Even Tenured Players

(Editor’s Note: Trion World’s PR reps got in touch to clarify a few points to the story which have been noted below. A total of 983 accounts have been banned right away. In addition, they have stated that while money spent is taken into account to discern real players from throwaway/bot accounts, that it is […]

See Rust Bans In Real Time

Rust is the open world survival game by Facepunch Studios, makers of the popular sandbox game Garry’s Mod. As a game that relies heavily on player vs player combat with heavy ramifications for death, it should come as no surprise that cheating has become prevalent in servers. To combat this, Rust employs its own anti-cheat system that […]

Trion Worlds Denies Security Breach

If you’ve been following ArcheAge discussion, you’re likely aware of a surge in player claims that their accounts were being subjected to unauthorized attempts to purchase the ArcheAge founders pack. Community Manager Scapes has responded to the allegations by stating that Trion Worlds has not been breached and the purchase attempts are a symptom of […]