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Mortal Online Hit By Another Hack

Star Vault is assuring players that payment data has not been stolen in what appears to be a breach of Mortal Online’s servers. Servers for the MMO were shut down after players noticed alterations to in-game menus, text changes, and strange dialogue shouted by town crier NPCs. The website is down as of this writing, […]


Blizzard Servers Breached

Grab your authenticators and rev up the conspiracy machine. With all the server breaches that have happened over the past year or so, it seemed inevitable that Blizzard would eventually be the victim of such an attack. A security notice on has been posting warning users that a security breach has resulted in delicate […]

Phantasy Star Online 2 Hacked, NPCs Moved

Phantasy Star Online 2 was released recently in Japan, and comes to the west in early 2013, and the hackers have already started taking control. This week players managed to hack into the MMO and played a prank by moving NPCs around and out of reach of gamers. Sega claims that they are investigating the […]

Cryptic Studios Was Hacked…In 2010…

In case there is any confusion, you are indeed reading an article posted on April 25th, 2012, for an announcement that was posted on April 25th of the same year. Cryptic Studios has announced via their corporate website that an unknown user gained unauthorized access to their servers in December 2010, analysis of which has […]

Mortal Online Wasn’t Hacked

Here at MMO Fallout, I’ve developed a pet peeve over the distinct difference between being hacked and having an account breached. Hacking requires some amount of technical prowess to accomplish, such as exploiting a vulnerability in an sql database to retrieve a list of passwords, or in the case of NCSoft back a couple of […]

Trion Hacked: Details Still Sparse

Is anyone else getting tired of hearing every month of new developers being hacked? Trion announced today that their servers have been breached, and a database including usernames, encrypted passwords, birth dates, email addresses, billing addresses, and the first and last four numbers of associated credit cards was accessed. There is no evidence, and we […]

Square Enix Members Hacked:

[Update] Square Enix has confirmed that no member information was stolen.  As a result of our continuing investigation, we have now confirmed that the database in which we store personal information was NOT accessed during the recent server intrusion. Therefore, your personal information was NOT compromised by an unknown third party. Square-Enix is planning to restart […]

Turbine: Change Your Passwords

Number one question coming into MMO Fallout over the past few days: Has username and password information been stolen from Turbine’s forums? The answer, until something official can be confirmed, should be taken as a probably. While not confirming that any data was stolen, Turbine posted a news bulletin of the forum maintenance with the […]

[DEVELOPING] The “Sony Hacked” Mega Article

I’ve decided to sticky this article and use this instead of creating more articles on the same issue. The most recent news will be up top, and to stop clutter, any previous news will be below the “read more” link. [5/8/11]: PSN services remain offline due to a planned attack for this past weekend. [5/7/11]: Sony Europe […]