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IPE: The Curious Case of Blazheiev v. Ubisoft

(Update 1/21/19: After being contact by Vitalii Blazheiev’s PR team, we’ve made a couple updates to note that the lawsuit was filed in San Francisco court, not Los Angeles as incorrectly noted and the claim that Attorney Weiner was fired and did not quit.) Most of you might not know the curious case of Blazheiev […]


EB Games Australia Settles Harassment Claim, Denies Wrongdoing

Kotaku Australia is reporting that EB Games has settled a harassment claim brought by at least one employee. EB Games has settled the claim, according to Alex Walker, for a paltry $8,500, a sum which the employee (Randall) claims he was pressured into, along with the company refusing to admit any wrongdoing. The employee also […]

Top 5: Ideas Twitch Can Adopt To Curb Racism

Today must be a day ending in ‘day,’ because Dreamhack has come and gone and the internet has once again shown itself to be a cesspool of racism and harassment. In the wake of people piling on to the Hearthstone stream to throw racist comments at finalist Terrance Miller, both Blizzard and Twitch have committed […]

Jagex Responds To Old School Ban Controversy

Old School RuneScape’s Community Manager took to the game’s subreddit today to address a controversy that sparkedĀ up over a number of accounts getting banned overnight for alleged harassment of a popular streamer. According to player allegations, people were banned for the simple act of standing near the streamer while playing emotes. The story Jagex is […]