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EB Games Australia Settles Harassment Claim, Denies Wrongdoing

Kotaku Australia is reporting that EB Games has settled a harassment claim brought by at least one employee. EB Games has settled the claim, according to Alex Walker, for a paltry $8,500, a sum which the employee (Randall) claims he was pressured into, along with the company refusing to admit any wrongdoing. The employee also […]


Top 5: Ideas Twitch Can Adopt To Curb Racism

Today must be a day ending in ‘day,’ because Dreamhack has come and gone and the internet has once again shown itself to be a cesspool of racism and harassment. In the wake of people piling on to the Hearthstone stream to throw racist comments at finalist Terrance Miller, both Blizzard and Twitch have committed […]

Jagex Responds To Old School Ban Controversy

Old School RuneScape’s Community Manager took to the game’s subreddit today to address a controversy that sparkedĀ up over a number of accounts getting banned overnight for alleged harassment of a popular streamer. According to player allegations, people were banned for the simple act of standing near the streamer while playing emotes. The story Jagex is […]