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Hellgate Multiplayer Is Coming Back: Again!

Hellgate has had a rough past, developed by Flagship Studios, released in October 2007 and shut down in February 2009 by Flagship Studios before being picked up by eastern publisher Hanbitsoft and relaunched in the west only to be shut down again at the beginning of this year. Thankfully this time around the game is […]


Hellgate On Steam Greenlight

For a game that has been in maintenance mode since 2012, Hellgate Global is a very fun title and completely free now that the full game and Tokyo expansion are available for free. In an effort to expand the game’s audience to those who have never heard of it or assumed that the game was still […]

Whatever Happened To: Hellgate 2

I know what you’re thinking: There was a Hellgate 2? Technically no, which is why we are here in the first place. I had absolutely no idea that a Hellgate 2 was in development, partly because it was announced way back in 2011 and we haven’t heard anything about it since. Set to appear on […]

MMOrning Shots: Go To Hell

Today’s MMOrning Shot is a very old screenshot from Hellgate: London, circa 2005. I could be wrong, but I’m not entirely sure that the demon pictured above ever made it into the final game. Is Hellgate even running anymore? The website says yes but the forums appear to be offline constantly. Check out MMOrning Shots […]

Hellgate: Global Act 3 And Tokyo Are Now Completely Free

One of the issues that comes with working alone on my website is that occasionally I don’t come across news on games that are not frequently reported on until later. MUCH later in fact. Ever since Hellgate Global first reluanched under T3Fun, I’ve given an update on ticket prices every year or so. Tickets to […]

Hellgate: Global Shutting Down In Japan

Editor’s Note: Please note that the information is based off of a translated Japanese announcement. Some details may have been lost in translation. I know what you’re thinking, “Omali, didn’t Hellgate Global shut down like three years ago?” No. Hellgate Global doesn’t make much news nowadays since Hanbitsoft hasn’t done much following the launch of Hellgate: […]

Making Memories: Low Cost Tickets Round Trip

At one point, as shown above, you were able to select from a huge supply of Act 3 tickets on Hellgate: Global. Nowadays you’re lucky if there are even any on the marketplace, and the prices above are just a fraction of how much they’ll cost you. If you have a game memory you want […]

[Video] Catching Up With Hellgate

Hellgate Global is free to play, but as users have pointed out lately, you’re going to have to do a lot of grinding to get the money to buy content off of the auction house.

T3Fun’s Services Appear To Be Offline

Update 2: Everything is back to normal, as far as I’m aware. Games are back online and so are the websites. Update: The T3Fun website is operational, but there seems to beinconsistent access to their games. Still no announcement on the outage. News coming in from the Google bots and Twitter feeders is that T3Fun (better […]

Hellgate Global: Status Update and Ticket Prices

Back in July, I talked about how players can get access to Hellgate Global’s Act 3 ticket and Tokyo expansion without paying a dime by paying for the tickets on the in-game auction house. At the time, the tickets only cost a few hundred thousand palladium. In September, I updated the post with another update: […]