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Whatever Happened To: Hello Kitty Online

Considering the recent library of kid-friendly MMOs shutting down, I decided to check in our friends at Sanrio Town and see how Hello Kitty Online was doing after all these years. We don’t talk about games like Hello Kitty Online much here at MMO Fallout, except to point to the company’s knack for charity work, […]


Hello Kitty Online: Save The Children

I love Hello Kitty Online. Not in the sense that I love the game itself, but the knowledge that any time some major disaster occurs, the team at Sanrio Digital will be there with an in-game event to generate donations. To top it off, the team has always managed to present the charity drives in […]

Hello Kitty Online: This Is How You Charity…Adorably.

In January, Haiti was struck by a massive earthquake that resulted in countless damage, over two hundred thousand dead, and millions left without a home. In the following months, we witnessed an enormous surge of companies looking to get their players involved in donating to the cause: Participants including Blizzard, CCP Games, Frogster Entertainment, Sony […]

Hello Kitty Online: No, THIS Is How You Charity

Hello Kitty Online has a proposition: How would you like to donate money to charity by playing video games, and by video games I mean Hello Kitty Online? If you answered yes, then do I have the deal for you! In Hello Kitty Online, a special drive is going up next week in the form […]