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[Hiring] Jagex Looks To Expand Studio By 25% In 2019

  Jagex Ltd., developers of the popular MMO RuneScape, have announced a hiring drive that will see the Cambridge studio boost its staff by 25% over 2019. To kick off the hiring drive, Jagex has revealed two big-name developers joining the team. First is Dan Vargas serving as art director for an unnamed online role […]

Daybreak Game Company Already Making Another Game

You might be under the impression that Daybreak Game Company is facing tough times, given the layoffs, shutting off a large section of its library, and recent cancellation of Everquest Next, but don’t let that fool you: Daybreak is hiring. According to their official website, Daybreak is hiring for an unannounced title and is seeking […]

NCSoft Holding Interviews in Providence

NCSoft just posted a notice that they will be holding interviews on May 31st from 9am to 7pm at Providence Biltmore. All applicants are welcome, especially 38 Studios (and presumably Big Huge Games) ex-employees.

Ubisoft Hiring For Online RPG, Could Be MMO

The world of Assassin’s Creed is frightening enough with just what characters we have, but thousands of would-be assassins running around? Horrifying. According to Gamespy, Ubisoft is hiring for a next generation online RPG, and rumors are floating around that this may be an Assassin’s Creed MMO. Given Ubisoft’s wide array of IPs, the game […]

Jagex Looking To Lap Up The Guildford Unemployed

Back in September, Codemasters announced that it would be shuttering its Guildford studio, following the poor performance of Bodycount, the developer’s new first person shooter. Just last week, Electronic Arts announced that their Guildford Studio would be facing redundancy layoffs, or possibly a complete studio closure. On the one hand, EA did state that employees […]

Square Enix Expanding Final Fantasy XIV Development Team

As I’ve said before, Square Enix has a long history of going away from the norm on a design level and a corporate level. If you’re one of the unbelieving heathens who looked at Final Fantasy XIV and thought “well this will just continue diminishing until there’s nothing left of the development team,” I’m going […]

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