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Checking Up: Whatever Happened To Huxley?

Every once in a while I come across an MMO here at MMO Fallout and think to myself, “oh yea, whatever happened to that game? It never launched, or if it did I certainly haven’t heard anything about it.” Huxley is just that MMO. In fact, the last time we discussed Huxley here at MMO […]


What’s Happening, December?

Welcome one and welcome all. Although I realize that for half of the world, December 1st has come and gone, I speak for all when I say: Welcome to December! Festive seasonal holiday deals continue this month in an effort to bring you into that festive cheer, just cheerful enough to reach for your wallet […]

Instanced Vs Persistent: The Guild Wars Debate

Ask someone if World of Warcraft is an MMO, and you’re bound to receive a raised eyebrow, and the kind of look you can generally only get when you ask how to download the internet on to your computer so you can go online. World of Warcraft is a persistent world, where players travel across […]