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Humble Bundle Gets Owned by IGN

Humble Bundle has been owned by gaming website IGN, by which we mean that IGN is now the owner of Humble Bundle. It will take helm of one of the top gaming charities, whose bundles have not just supplied gamers with endless piles of cheap fun, but have also supplied charities to the tune of […]

Housing Hits Elder Scrolls Online In 2017

IGN managed to interview Zenimax’s own Matt Firor, who revealed that housing is coming to The Elder Scrolls Online in the first quarter of 2017. Before player owned houses come to Tamriel, Zenimax plans on dropping an update in August that will add a customizing barbershop and an Argonian dungeon pack. The dungeon pack represents […]

IGN Reports Divination As RuneScape’s New Skill

Ever since Jagex released RuneScape 2 in 2004, the developer has looked at making its skills more varied in use than simple gathering from nodes and production using those items. Skills like farming require patience and timing, construction is directly related to player owned housing, summoning brought in familiars, and dungeoneering opened a whole new […]

James Cameron: Avatar MMO? Perhaps

Is the Avatar MMO a possibility? A question best left to James Cameron himself, perhaps asked by IGN. And by the good grace of Grendaline, IGN has come through with just such an interview. In an exclusive interview with Cameron, IGN asked the all important question, “what are your thoughts on turning Avatar into an […]

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