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Valve Updates Steam Groups To Curb Gambling Spam

If you play Counter Strike: Global Offensive, odds are you are probably not unfamiliar with the mass quantities of spam groups that have popped up related to gambling websites. Thanks to Valve not implementing a way to automatically block group invitations, players were at the mercy of whether or not a bot group had you […]


Announcing the MMO Fallout Free Stuff Stash

Who doesn’t like free stuff? I know I love free stuff, and that is why I want to give all of you free stuff. Every now and then, I come across free stuff from betas I participate in to simply free codes and invites that I come across or receive from developers. I want to […]

Five More Glitch Invites

It is Glitch beta giveaway time! With the new changes to the comment system, your comments should be authenticated immediately. Hopefully we all know the rules, but for the uninitiated, let’s go over them one more time: Leave a comment with a valid email in the email box. Really, that’s it. The first five to […]