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Jagex Kills Off Mobilising Armies Mini-Game

For years now RuneScape has had a bit of a problem with its mini-games, namely that there have been a lot of them added throughout the years and very few are actually populated by any traffic. Couple that with the fact that many of these mini-games include rewards, and you simply have a growing list […]


RuneScape Winter Weekends

It is December and that officially means that RuneScape is in full holiday swing. For the month of December and into January, Jagex is rolling out holiday weekends with various buffs and bonuses. You can check out the link at the bottom of this article to see what is in store, the first holiday weekend […]

Jagex Details Premier Club 2019

It is November and that means time for a new annual premier club sale. RuneScape’s premier club generally goes on sale from mid-late November and stays available until early February. Perks for this year’s premier club include: 1 additional Treasure Hunter key per day 150,000 bonus loyalty points 3 premier club reward tokens (issued throughout […]

RuneScape Preps For 2019 Premiere Club, Mining & Smithing Beta

The end of 2018 is nigh, and that can only mean one thing: The next annual Premiere Club package is going to be available from RuneScape. For the uninitiated, Premiere Club is an annual package of RuneScape membership that comes with extra goodies including an aura, exclusive outfits, pets, access to VIP worlds, chat badges, […]

Old School RuneScape Launches Mobile Today

The world mourns its loss of collective productivity today as Jagex has officially launched Old School RuneScape out of beta in its mobile form. The classic MMORPG hits Android and iOS devices following months of beta testing, with over one million users having pre-registered. Users are able to log in with their existing PC accounts […]

Runefest 2018: Jagex Cans The RunePass

I talked about the Runepass back in July and at the time I was hesitant to give any score to the feature given it was essentially in the state of a pilot program. While I noted that it did somewhat reduce the Dailyscape issue that plagued prior limited promotions, the pass just wasn’t worth it […]

PSA: How To Play RuneScape Idle Adventures (Post Shutdown)

(Note: This tip requires the use of a hex editor program.) RuneScape Idle Adventures was the product of a partnership between Jagex and Hyper Hippo. It launched into early access on Steam and was very quickly abandoned by developer Hyper Hippo and never made it out of early access. Rather than cut ties to its […]

Old School RuneScape Gets New Skill

This weekend marked Runefest, the annual festival of all things RuneScape. While discussing all things past, present, and future, Jagex announced that Old School RuneScape will receive a new skill in the form of warding. Warding aims to fill a gap in RuneScape’s crafting. As the developer blog notes, while melee and range users have […]

Jagex Employee Fired, Police Called In Over Compromised User Accounts

Jagex this week announced that an employee has been fired and police have been brought in regarding “gross misuse of moderator privileges.” While the official post doesn’t go into much detail, reports from the Reddit forum indicate that the employee is Jed Sanderson, aka Mod Jed, and involves the now ex-staffer used his moderator status […]

Old School RuneScape Mobile To Launch October 30

Jagex today announced the official launch of Old School RuneScape mobile will take place on October 30. The launch will bring the popular MMO to both Android and iOS devices, allowing gamers to play cross-platform with players on PC, and will be playable with existing accounts/characters. Conor Crowley, director of game development at Jagex, stated: […]