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Crowdfunding Update: Greed Monger Delivering Refunds To Backers

Greed Monger is a bit of a touchy subject here at MMO Fallout, considering it’s one of the few games that we outright refused to publicize should it ever reappear on Kickstarter, but we have some positive news on the game and its creator Jason Appleton. While Appleton may not have had much success creating […]


Greed Monger Officially Dead…Again

Greed Monger has once again been cancelled, leaving everyone who pledged the over ninety grand out of luck, again. The MMO was Kickstarted to the tune of ninety grand, only to face development issues and eventual cancellation under Jason Appleton and Electric Crow Games. Appleton handed over the title to ex-employee Jason Proctor who has, […]

[Column] As Far As Greedmonger Goes, No.

Greed Monger is back! Yes,┬áthat Greed Monger. The one that was funded on a dream and a promise, by developers that had neither the funding nor experience in order to create said vision, only to crash and go under to the tune of $100 million in backer funds. The one by Jason Appleton who threatened […]

Greed Monger Cancelled, Taking $90 Grand In Pledges With It

Greed Monger the game is officially dead, taking with it the over $90 thousand in funding with it. In an announcement posted on the game’s official board, James Proctor revealed that a necessary investor had bailed out on the project, leaving his company without the funds to continue development. The good news is that assets […]

Jason Appleton Departs Greed Monger, Signs Over Game

Electric Crow Games founder Jason Appleton has announced that he is departing development of MMO Greed Monger and signing the game over to James Proctor. In a message to Kickstarter backers, Appleton applauded Proctor’s work effort while blaming his own pride for the controversy surrounding the game and its team. Id rather see the backers […]

Greed Monger Fallout: Jason Appleton Responds

Yesterday we reported that Greed Monger, the sandbox MMO funded via Kickstarter, had lost its lead developer James Proctor. Proctor, in his departure notice, revealed that he had attempted to leave the studio two years prior, but was stopped due to legal threats by Electric Crow Games founder Jason Appleton. Appleton has posted a response […]

Ex-Greed Monger Developer Reveals Lawsuit Threats

Greed Monger dev James Proctor has announced via Facebook and the official forums that he is no longer employed at the indie dev. Effective today I am ending ALL association with Greed Monger, ElectricCrow Games, and Jason Appleton… I want to say thank you to all of the supporters and community. You guys have been […]