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Pixelmage Games: Please Take Your Money Back

As Pixelmage Games prepares to shut down, some of the more ardent backers are refusing to take their offered refunds for Hero’s Song and John Smedley isn’t entirely happy about the situation. In an update sent to backers, Smedley offered his frustration at backers wanting the company to keep the money, thanking them for their […]


Pixelmage Games Closing, Hero’s Song Shutting Down

Following its Indiegogo campaign failing to draw in half of the intended goal, Pixelmage Games has announced the cancellation of Hero’s Song and the closure of the studio itself. Players who funded the game on Indiegogo and Steam can receive refunds either through Steam or by contacting Pixelmage at the address on the official website. […]

2016 Predictions For The Year 2017 Part 1

2016 is coming to a close and that means starting predictions for 2017. This is the part where you make notes of everything I say and then come around at the end of February to let me know that my predictions were wrong. 1. Hero’s Song Will Shut Down (Editor’s Note: About 20 minutes before […]

Early Access Preview: Hero’s Song Is Certainly A Thing

Hero’s Song is a thing you can pay money for and gain access to. Thank you, good night. Alright, I’ll keep going. I think you could look into my history on Twitter and here on this website and easily lose count as to how many times I have said that I refuse to rate games […]

Hero’s Song Is Back, Launches Indiegogo Campaign

After taking some time out of the spotlight, John Smedley’s latest title Hero’s Song is back in the public’s eye and ready for another round of crowdfunding. For those who just recently joined us, Hero’s Song is an ARPG with friendly fire, permanent death, and player-run servers. You can join worlds created by other players […]

Hero’s Song Campaign Cancelled, Funded By Investors

Backers of Hero’s Song, all three thousand of you, were surprised this morning by the sudden news that the campaign was being cancelled. Backers were all sent an email explaining that the campaign would be closed due to predictions showing that the funding would not reach its necessary levels. The campaign had lasted for six […]

John Smedley Returns, Crowd Funding New Game

John Smedley, former of the Daybreak Game Company Smedleys, has returned to gaming in the form of Pixelmage Games. The startup has a few names you might recognize, including Patrick Rothfuss, Jon Handy, and Bill Trost, and their first game is Hero’s Song. Hero’s Song is a 2D rogue-like RPG where each world is shaped […]

John Smedley Has Left Daybreak Game Company

John Smedley has fully resigned from Daybreak Game Company to pursue other interests. Announced via Facebook, Smedley has left the former Sony Online Entertainment studio and is currently working at an unnamed company. When contacted by Game Informer, Smedley stated that he had no more information to give at this time. Last month, Smedley resigned from […]

John Smedley Steps Down As CEO

Daybreak Game Company has confirmed that John Smedley will be stepping down as president and chief executive officer, following a lengthy period of harassment from the cyber group Lizard Squad. A spokesperson from Daybreak confirmed to Venturebeat that Smedley will be relinquishing his role, although he will not be leaving the company entirely. “I can […]

John Smedley Quits Twitter After Argument Leads to DDOS, Threats

John Smedley has quit Twitter, an announcement that will have a good portion of Daybreak’s communities giving a sigh of relief. Responding to a thread on Reddit over his account suddenly going dark, Smedley confirmed that he is walking away from the social media platform. I really love making games. It makes me happy. I […]