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John Smedley Talks The Future Of H1Z1

Daybreak’s John Smedley took to Reddit today to discuss the future of H1Z1, and while the title might have you concerned (given where this has lead in the past), it doesn’t include shutting the game down. The list of upcoming features includes the obvious, fixing bugs and improving AI while also adding in new content. […]


Daybreak Unbanning Cheaters Who Apologize On Youtube

The first step for a recovering cheater is admitting you have a problem and placing your faith in an almighty benefactor. That benefactor, in this case, is Daybreak Game Company. John Smedley took to Twitter to comment that, after a recent massive ban wave in H1Z1, a large number of players have been emailing him […]

John Smedley Discusses The Future Of Planetside 2

While consumer confidence is still pretty shaky for Daybreak Game Studio, John Smedley has once again taken to Reddit to assure fans that, no, this is not the end. For Planetside 2, the team intends on working on the meta-game, the “why are we fighting” question that so far hasn’t had much of an answer […]

SOE Now Daybreak Game Company

Sony Online Entertainment has made a shocking announcement, revealing that the company has been acquired by Columbus Nova and will be spun off from the Sony brand. The news was revealed just minutes ago on Reddit. This means that effective immediately SOE will operate as an independent game development studio where we will continue to […]

John Smedley Defends H1Z1 Airdrops

Airdrops are sort of like H1Z1’s answer to MMO lockboxes in that they can be purchased for real money and contain random loot, except they are public and dangerous. Calling in an airdrop attracts both players and zombies alike, both groups seeking to feast upon what they might find. John Smedley took to Reddit to […]

H1Z1 CS Items Lootable, In A Sense

With all of the hubbub about H1Z1 and the prospects of free to play and pay to win, John Smedley took to the game’s official subreddit to explain just how the game’s cash shop will work. Players will be able to buy wearables which can be looted by others upon death, in a manner of […]

SOE Revealing New Game Today

John Smedley posted on Twitter earlier today to reveal that an unannounced game is set to be revealed later on this evening, with gameplay footage to show. Watch tmw between 5-6pm PST if you are interested in the new game we haven’t announced. there is gameplay footage. Smedley later tweeted that players will be able to […]

John Smedley Defends Curt Schilling

Those of you who read MMO Fallout know that I have quite a lot of respect for SOE’s John Smedley. The guy isn’t perfect and no one would doubt that there are plenty of mistakes made in Sony’s past, but the guy has a tendency to spell it out as it is and be as […]

John Smedley Reddit Highlights

Following the announcement that four of Sony Online Entertainment’s MMOs would be shutting down, John Smedley went on Reddit to take part in an Ask Me Anything with the community. While this is nowhere near all of the answers, I’ve put together some significant comments for your easy viewing. First of all, the shuttering of […]

SOE Releases Revised List

Ask and you shall receive. Owing the massive amount of feedback regarding SOE’s recently announced changes, John Smedley has posted a revised list of coming changes to Sony All Access. In short, the “pick an item” system won’t be coming, however players will be forced to claim the stipend monthly. We’re lowering the price of […]