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Get In-Game Rewards For Picking Up Wild Terra

Wild Terra developer Juvty Worlds wants to thank its early adopters, and what says appreciation better than a boar clad in scale armor? Probably not much. Those who have bought, or will buy, Wild Terra before it goes into launch will receive a Fierce Boar mount and Scale Cloak as a thank you for their […]


Wild Terra: Find Bugs, Earn Rewards

Juvty¬†developer wants your help in weeding out bugs in Wild Terra, and they’re willing to reward those who do step up and pledge their assistance. In the latest announcement sent out by the Wild Terra crew, Juvty Worlds announced that players who submit detailed information about bugs and vulnerabilities can be eligible for rewards, including […]

Wild Terra Now Playable In Browsers

Developer Juvty Worlds has announced that their open world sandbox game Wild Terra is now playable in your browser. Anyone who owns the game can log in to one of the game’s two servers (international and Russian), and start playing without having to download the full client. For those who haven’t purchased the game, they […]

Wild Terra Introduces Searchable Recipes, Ferrets in Woods

Wild Terra has released version 0.8.7, allowing players to search for recipes by name in crafting/construction lists. (Source: Wild Terra) Improvements and fixes 0.8.7 Now you can search by recipe name in the craft and construction lists. Ferrets are now live in the woods. Implemented the possibility to set icons of recipes on the belt. […]

Wild Terra Beta Key Giveaway

MMO Fallout has partnered with Wild Terra to hand out beta keys to 30 lucky (or fast acting) gamers. Wild Terra bills itself as an MMO life simulator in a fully developed player-driven medieval world. The game is currently on Steam Greenlight seeking approval and Juvty Worlds would like to get you in as soon […]

Wild Tera Update Adds In Woolen Cloaks

Massively multiplayer life simulator Wild Tera thinks you should wear a cloak when you go outside, to avoid catching a cold. Luckily the latest update has just what you need in order to craft such comfortable wear. Update 8.3, deployed this week, allows players to dye woolen cloaks in a variety of colors, by boiling […]