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It’s Official, PUBG Corp Is Suing Epic Games

It’s official, PUBG Corp has filed a copyright lawsuit against Epic Games according to Korea Times. After previously mulling further action for a genre that it did not create and does not own, at least not in the legal view of the United States or Europe, PUBG has officially filed a complaint against Epic Games. […]


It Is Now Illegal To Make Game Cheats In Korea

Making and distributing cheats for games is a great way to get sued, providing you poke big bears like Epic Games or Blizzard, but while developers have taken down cheat makers through injunctions and by playing the copyright laws to their advantage, there isn’t a law on the books that specifically states “thou shalt not […]

Marvel Heroes Heading East To Asian Markets

Step aside, Avengers, or actually just stay where you are. Gazillion Entertainment has announced a partnership with cloud computing company Ubitus Inc to bring Marvel Heroes to Asia this summer. Leveraging Ubitus’ market reach, the super hero MMO will be rolling out over the region beginning with Korea and heading China-bound with other countries to […]

TERA Receiving New Class In 2014

I feel bad for not noticing this sooner, but in my defense neither did any of the other major MMO news websites. On November 25th, Tera Today published an interview with Bluehole Studios on some upcoming updates in 2014 to the Korean service. Alongside a rookie server where players will be able to ease into […]

Lessons From 2013 #6: A Rift Between Regions

This year taught me that Trion Worlds isn’t all too enthusiastic about overseas endeavors. Over the course of 2013, Rift announced its impending shuttering in China, Korea,¬†and¬†Russia, but what caught my eye wasn’t that the game was shutting down, but why. In early October when Shanda Games announced that Rift would be shutting down in […]

Ragnarok Online 2 Sunsetting In Korea

Ragnarok Online 2 is shutting down in Korea. As reported by MMO Culture, Gravity has announced that the Korean servers will come down on December 23rd, and that services in North America and Europe will not be affected by the change. The shutdown notice points to a lack of players as the reason for the […]

RaiderZ Shutting Down In Korea

It feels like just a month ago that were were discussing RaiderZ shutting down in Europe. Because it was. Just under a month, actually, since Gameforge announced that RaiderZ would be shutting down. Further to the east, Neowiz has announced rather unexpectedly that RaiderZ will also be shutting down its services in Korea. The servers […]

Rift Shutting Down In Korea

Games developed in the west that are then brought over to the east have a tendency to not break into the market enough to sustain profitibility. Rift’s death in Korea has arguably been written on the walls ever since Trion announced that the game would still be operating with a subscription despite the market’s heavy […]

TERA Will Remain Subscription Based In US/EU

Update: Gee that was fast. TERA’s European community manager has posted on the forums to confirm that more details will be released of the EU free to play transition in January. Please understand that it is too early right now to talk about this but we will have more information for you about the EU […]

KTERA Free To Play Server A Success, Permanently Added

While we’re on the subject of TERA, let’s take a look back at its Korean counterpart. Earlier this year, I mentioned that the folks over at KTera were testing a free to play server. The server was originally set to remain active until August 9th, when the project would be pulled and Bluehole Studios would […]