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Opinion: RuneScape Needs A New Engine

RuneScape’s combat system has never been the highlight of the game for me, not when I joined in 2004 and not when I’m still playing today in 2014. Before the addition of Evolution of Combat, fighting monsters was a boring system of clicking and watching your fighters trade blows, occasionally eating food or drinking potions […]


Path of Exile Patch Removes Login Exploit

Donde los yikes! The good news is that Path of Exile is proving itself to be quite popular with the dungeon crawling gamers, bringing the server down yesterday with a peak of almost seventy thousand concurrently. Even better, as often happens when the server is overloaded, Grinding Gear Games was able to patch a bug […]

RuneScape’s Infrastructure Needs Work, Jagex Admits

Consider this a serendipitous moment. Jagex’s latest bonus experience weekend has come and gone, and it was certainly an eye opening event for the developer. While previous weekends ran as members only events with the experience bonus degrading over time, this weekend the event was open to everyone, at a flat rate all weekend. In […]

Lineage II Compensation Detailed

Lineage II has not been having the best week or so. Between the number of technical difficulties that have cropped up, NCSoft has had enough trouble keeping the servers from buckling and passing out, let alone keeping them running smoothly enough to keep their players happy. Between crashing, lag, and game breaking issues, the community […]

Age of Conan 3.1 Brings Headaches, Patches, Server Downtime

Earlier this week Funcom updated Age of Conan to version 3.1, adding some arguably much needed back end maintenance and optimizations to the game as well as the Dreamworld engine that Age of Conan runs on. You can read the patch notes here, as the list of changes are truly massive, but despite how many […]

What Happened This Week: 4/17-4/23 Edition

Every week I have a whole list of topics I want to talk about, that don’t fully fit in with the scope of the website. So I came to the decision, why not stick them in a weekly editorial? I’m also using this section to bolster some of the titles that don’t get talked about […]