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Daybreak Continues Shrinking: Landmark To Shut Down

Daybreak Game Company’s library continues to shrink just a little more, with the news that the rest of Everquest’s Next’s failed dream, Landmark, will shut down February 21st. As of right now, the game will be unavailable for purchase while all items in the marketplace will have their cost turned down to 1. In addition, […]


Landmark Steam Launch “Mostly Negative,” Traffic Mostly Absent

Landmark’s launch on Steam last week, optimistically, should have been a positive thing. The game has been in development for a long time, suffered through the loss of its companion MMO, the sale of its developer and subsequent layoffs, and the sunsetting of a large number of titles on the launchpad that it shares. It should […]

Development Shifting Over To Everquest Next

Since Landmark and Everquest Next share the same engine and certain mechanics, it’s possible to develop both games simultaneously at some level. In the latest producer’s letter, Daybreak announced that development on Landmark-specific content is taking a back seat to Next. So, as we shift our focus and development to EQN, it just doesn’t make […]

Everquest Landmark Drops 32-bit OS Support

Gamers looking forward to seeing Everquest Next Landmark on 32-bit operating systems can officially put their dreams to rest. Dave Georgeson posted on Twitter today to announce that there will be no 32-bit version of the game. Another News Flash: Landmark is going to have to be a 64-bit OS game *only*. We are going […]

Everquest Landmark NDA Lifted

The Everquest Next Landmark alpha has been up for less than 24 hours, and John Smedley has taken to Twitter to announce that the nondisclosure agreement has officially been lifted. Players are allowed to talk about what they want, stream what they want, and post screenshots as they want. The NDA is officially lifted for […]

SOE Promises Refunds For Unsatisfied Alpha Testers.

Sony Online Entertainment is set to launch the alpha for Everquest Next Landmark later today. Given the increasing reliance on early access purchases and your average gamer’s habit of buying an alpha stage game and then being stricken with buyer’s remorse because it isn’t a finished product, SOE is offering a full refund for anyone […]

Videos Now: Everquest Landmark Crafting

Everquest Next Landmark looks better with each passing video. Today the folks at Sony Online Entertainment dive into crafting, detailing how players will go about obtaining recipes and crafting items. Learn about altars and recipes and the secret meaning of life. Hint: It is corgis.