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Lineage II Cancels Hero Coin Resets

Lineage II players by now are used to the annual reset, an event that takes place every January and resets your Hero Coins. As it turns out, the reset has been causing a great deal of frustration and confusion in the community, and NCSoft has taken notice. In an announcement posted to the official website, […]


Lineage II: Server Transfers Stopping Over the Holidays

Lineage II players thinking about changing servers might want to make up their minds soon. In a post on the official website, NCSoft has announced that server transfers will be shutting down for two weeks while the staff takes a much deserved holiday break. In addition to the two week break, the post notes that […]

Lineage II Releases Player Appreciate Pack

NCSoft wants to show players how much it appreciates them, and probably apologize for the fact that character registration┬áhas been completely disabled while the team goes in and figures out how to deal with the overwhelming number of bots taking over the game. While registration is down until August 24th, players have been invited to […]

NCSoft Sales Boom, Wildstar Flounders In Q1

NCSoft has officially released their first quarter financial documents, and there is plenty to be happy about (providing you are not a developer on or player of Wildstar). Sales hit a boom with a 28% increase over the same time last year while profits over the same period jumped 70%. Pre-tax income flew up 67% […]

Get Your Lineage II Transfers In Before December 16th

NCSoft has posted a notice on the Lineage II website that anyone wishing to transfer their character this month should do so before December 16th, otherwise they will have to wait until next year. With the upcoming holiday, the last server transfers of 2015 will be processed during the December 16th maintenance. Purchasing and queuing […]

MMO Hall of Fame Inducts Two New Games

The MMO Hall of Fame has announced the inductees for the 2015 ceremony. Out of a grand total of 173 candidates, two titles managed to sneak past the 60% requirement to make it into the hall of fame, and those games are Lineage II and Anarchy Online. Doug Kale, curator of the hall of fame, […]

Week In Review: Sony Offline Entertainment

I’ve discovered a newfound love for Ultima Forever. Once you carve out the ridiculous cash shop mechanics, get rid of gear degradation, and drop gold keys like they’re candy, the game is a lot of fun to play. It’s almost disappointing that Electronic Arts will be shutting down Ultima Forever on August 29th, but it’s […]

Classic Servers: Another Developer “Gets It.”

Private servers are a very stingy subject in the gaming press. Many developers don’t like to acknowledge them and, honestly, there is at least one of my contacts who will never return my emails after this article just for the act of referencing their existence. MMO Fallout does not condone private servers, nor do we […]

Lineage II Classic Server Coming

NCSoft is set to launch a classic server for Lineage II in Korea. The version includes legacy systems including the old inventory, pre-revamp locales, old crafting recipes, clan system, party system, xp loss, and more. All in all, it looks like the classic server will be somewhere in between the first versions of Lineage II. […]

NCSoft Lowering Hero Coin Costs

Lineage II’s Hero Coin program launched approximately three months ago to some heavy criticism over the outrageously expensive reward system. As players spend more NCoin, they receive Hero Coins that can be spent on items in the reward store. We began to question just how much NCSoft expects some of its players will spend, as […]