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Lineage II Top Reward Costs $200k Within A Year

As I always start these types of articles: If you are the type of person who is willing to spend five or six figures in a video game, why not take a little bit of that money and invest it in something more sensible, like MMO Fallout? Everyone wins. You get to keep spending insane […]


Lineage II’s New Race Coming In 2014

  The fact that Lineage II launched ten years ago is hardly a deterrent for NCSoft, who continue adding in new content of rather substantial value on a decent basis, and it isn’t all just new areas and bigger toys to thwack creatures over the heads with. Last year, Lineage II players had the pleasure […]

Lineage II Joins Aion In Automatic Block List Maintenance

Mark this as a feature that all MMOs should adopt. For as long as online games have had gold farmers or abuse players, and ignore lists that are capped in how many people can be blocked, there has been the drudgery of spring cleaning said ignore list. Wouldn’t it just be easier for the game […]

Lineage II: Vision For The Future

It’s been nine years since Lineage II launched (In Korea), and NCSoft continues to update the game on a regular basis. The publisher just released this video, an eleven minute trailer for what the game might become one day. If you haven’t played Lineage II in a while, or at all, the video doesn’t really […]

NCSoft Opens Account Migration

As announced earlier this year, NCSoft has rolled out account migration for players of Aion and Lineage II, beginning today. The move will bring both games under one account, consolidating how the player handles their login, NCoin, and security. As mentioned in the release: NC Accounts allow players to manage their Aion and L2 game […]

NCSoft Admits Lineage II Faults, Wants Your Feedback

Lineage II has changed greatly since launch, and as Gon NamkungĀ of NCSoft has admitted, not all of the changes have been for the better. In a letter to the community released today, NamkungĀ admits that changes over the years have diluted what made Lineage II unique, from the removal of elements that made classes unique, to […]

Falling Out Returns Again!

Not that this will prevent any hate-mail, but I’ve included a nice chart on NCSoft’s sales for reference. Falling Out releases a new edition every Monday.

Lineage II Compensation Detailed

Lineage II has not been having the best week or so. Between the number of technical difficulties that have cropped up, NCSoft has had enough trouble keeping the servers from buckling and passing out, let alone keeping them running smoothly enough to keep their players happy. Between crashing, lag, and game breaking issues, the community […]