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NCSoft Q4 2012 Records Historical High Quarterly Revenue

Talk about springing back. Strong sales in Lineage, Guild Wars 2, Blade & Soul, as well as mobile games, NCSoft has recorded historical high quarterly revenues for the fourth quarter of 2012. In the latest report, NCSoft marked a 56% increase in quarterly sales, a 208% increase in quarterly operating profit, 110% increase in pre-tax […]

NCSoft 3rd Quarter Finances: Significant Growth From New Products

The folks at Arenanet and Team Bloodlust must be breaking open the champagne today, as NCSoft’s financial statements for the third quarter of 2012 reveal that Guild Wars 2 and Blade & Soul aren’t just bringing home the bacon, they are weaving it and frying it to perfection. Guild Wars 2 launched strong in the […]

NCSoft Q2 2012: Profits Down, Revenue Up

NCSoft has released its finances for the second quarter of 2012, and considering that the major MMO news sites suddenly care enough to report on it, I can only assume that there is some drama to be had. Compared to last quarter, revenues are up thanks to solid Lineage sales and royalties, however NCSoft is […]

NCSoft Q1 2012: Aion/Lineage Up, Lineage 2 Down

NCSoft has published their first quarter finances, and as always there is good news and bad news. Quarterly sales were up, although profits were down nearly 20% due to increased labor cost, royalty expenses, and other factors. Korea grew due with sound in-game item sales, while Japan dropped. Aion and Lineage performed strongly. Lineage 2 […]

NCSoft Q4 Finances: Sales/Profit Down

NCSoft has posted their fourth quarter finances. Sales were hit with a 6% loss since the last quarter, with operating profit reportedly taking a 51% hit and net income down 42% since last quarter. NCSoft attributes the decline in sales and profits due to scaled back in-game item sales. Year over year sales from 2011 […]

Dr. NCSoft Prescribes Extra Lineage II Server

Lineage II’s free to play launched almost as expected: the servers were steamrolled by the Persian Army sized group of newcomers, and naturally players experienced problems reliably logging in and staying logged in last night. In preparation for the transition, NCSoft opened a brand new server (Shilen) and today revealed yet another new server, Magmeld. […]

Mark Your Calendars: Lineage II Free To Play

What do Lineage II and Ragnarok Online have in common? Nothing. Last month, NCSoft announced that Lineage II will mark the next product in their line to make the great transition to free to play, and what a transition it promises to be. Dubbed “Play Your Way,” players can still opt to pay a subscription […]

14 Minutes Of Lineage Eternal

NCSoft last week announced Lineage Eternal: Twilight Resistance. Although you won’t be fighting back hordes of sparkling vampires, the game promises massive battles, siege warfare, destructible environments, and more. The game is presented in the original Lineage isometric view, etc. The trailer shows off some amazing concepts. Large scale battles, the destruction engine, boss creatures, […]

NCSoft Third Quarter Finances: Profit/Revenues Down

NCSoft has released its financial documents for the third quarter, and the report starts with “Revenue and Operating Income came down due to soft promotions for in-game items sales versus Q2.” In fact, the publisher is reporting a 22% loss quarter over quarter and 32% year over year loss in operating profit, as well as […]

NCsoft Q2 Release: Profits Up, Aion/Lineage 2 Down

The first thing you’ll notice about NCsoft’s quarterly report for the second quarter of 2011 is a massive spike in sales from Lineage. NCsoft attributes this to strong item sales promotions. As of now, Lineage is the company’s best source of income, despite the game’s removal from its Western presence just a couple of months […]