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RuneMetrics: What You Need To Know

Last month marked the announcement of RuneMetrics, an upcoming stat-tracking tool for RuneScape developed by Jagex. At the time, all we knew is that the tracker would allow players to see certain statistics like experience per hour and logged drops, and that there would be a free and a paid version. There‚Äôs advanced XP tracking […]


Thursday Livestream Will Discuss Final Fantasy XI’s Future

Square Enix will be holding a livestream this Thursday to discuss the future of Final Fantasy XI. Considering that this is a Japanese livestream, however, you’ll need to be up pretty early (3am EST) and probably understand Japanese. For the rest of you who need your beauty sleep, the dedicated community will no doubt have […]

See Lifeless Stream This Weekend

(Editor’s note: This article would be a whole lot more helpful with a link to the Livestream. Here it is.) The zombie sandbox craze continues to live on, just like the zombies that inhabit the worlds. Rigid Studios is a Sweden-based independent developer looking to jump on board with their own spin on the genre, […]