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LOTRO/DDO Maintenance Extends Into Day 3

Both Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons & Dragons Online are entering their third day of maintenance as maintenance on both game’s data centers has hit a bit of a snafu. Both games were taken down for maintenance on March 6, however it became apparent during that maintenance that there were more issues than […]

LOTRO Delays Mordor Expansion

As it turns out, one does not simply launch Mordor. To the surprise of very few, judging by the reaction on the Lord of the Rings Online forums, the announcement came yesterday that the Mordor expansion has been delayed due to a bug that could not be fixed prior to today’s planned launch. As a […]

LOTRO Will Merge Down To Ten Servers

We learned back in May of Turbine’s plans to merge the Lord of the Rings Online servers, but the company has finally come forward with more specific details on the hows, the whens, and the wheres. All but ten servers will close as part of the merger, five in the US and five in Europe, […]

MMOfternoon Shots: Remote Loot

Why can’t other games have remote looting? If you haven’t played Lord of the Rings Online in a while, the Riders of Rohan expansion brought with it a remote loot system. What this means is that you no longer click on mobs to loot them, rather the loot is added to a pending window with […]

Lord of the Rings Online: Helm’s Deep Announced

Hold on to your Hobbits, folks, because Turbine is going to take you to Hel(m’s deep) and back. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has announced today that the fifth expansion to Lord of the Rings Online, titled “Helm’s Deep,” will be hitting the long running MMO in Autumn 2013. The content offered in the expansion fits […]

Turbine Consolidates Cash Shop With Mithril Coin

Ever since Lord of the Rings Online went free to play, Turbine has been in a constant state of experimentation with the game’s cash shop. Most of the updates go by with relatively little controversy, and when Turbine steps over the line and draws fire from the community, they are relatively quick to take two […]

Try LOTRO and DDO In Your Browsers With Gaikai

Well, don’t get your hopes up. Turbine today announced Gaikai, allowing players to trial Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons and Dragons Online without having to download either game’s client. Playable through your browser, the trial is heavily limited: One hour, due to technical issues that prevent any repeat or extended play at this […]

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