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Mark Gerhard Departs Jagex

Mark Gerhard has announced that he is leaving his position as CEO of Jagex this December. One of my proudest achievements at Jagex has been our efforts of tackling Botting and Gold Farming. When I first joined this was a huge problem for the business which I understand had plagued the game and community for […]


Jagex: What’s Coming And Going

Jagex seems to do a whole lot of apologizing, whether it is for the lacking infrastructure, your bot-detection software banning legitimate players, the enormous resources squandered on “hobby projects,” lacking basic security to prevent unauthorized purchases, and playing vigilante justice against the operator of a fan site. Mark Gerhard has posted an announcement on the RuneScape […]

Jagex Announces Upcoming Bot Ban, New Account Security, HTML, and More

Suffice to say, there has been some animosity among the RuneScape community lately with Jagex’s increased focus on their cash shops (Squeal of Fortune and Solomon’s Store). Mark Gerhard has taken to the RuneScape front page to pen a letter to the community addressing concerns over Solomon’s store and the future of RuneScape. In the […]

Jagex Bans High Profile Gamblers and Botting Clans

  Hi, Today we have banned several high-profile accounts from the dicing scene. We can happily confirm that the ring leaders found to be involved in selling RuneScape gold have been banned. Their actions have directly funded a sizable portion of all real world trading activity within the game, led to increased macro use, and […]

Jagex’s Problem With “Not RuneScape”

In the Jagex family you really only fit into one of two categories: RuneScape and Not RuneScape. What is the difference, you ask? Well, the RuneScape category is successful and the “Not RuneScape” category is not. 1. FunOrb Was Abandoned And Left For Dead As per numerous Jagex posts on the RuneScape forums, Funorb is […]

Jagex Opens New Studio: New Game In Development

Develop Online reports that Jagex has opened a new studio outside of Cambridge, according to CEO Mark Gerhard. There has been no information revealed about the project other than that it is a “very experimental game,” and that the UK developer remains committed to its focus on quality over quantity. “We actually do already have […]

Jagex: Our Other Projects Were Hobbies, That Ends Now

Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard has always been pretty frank with the internal going-ons at his company, and in a recent interview with Develop, he answered the question as to why all of Jagex’s products that are not RuneScape have either failed to launch or failed to make a profit, and the answer is simple. The […]

Jagex Leak: Combat System Overhaul Icons

    In case you don’t play RuneScape, earlier this month CEO Mark Gerhard responded to player criticism over the controversial Squeal of Fortune with the following message: …it should be evident that we just gearing up for our most exciting and biggest content year ever……….. including a complete upgrade to the combat system later […]

Development Sunsets On Stellar Dawn

Back in August I wrote an article titled “Does Jagex Have Any Enthusiasm For Stellar Dawn?” In it, I referred to the disconnect between the complete lack of information regarding Jagex’s upcoming MMO and the fact that in August of the (at the time) release year, information on the game was virtually nonexistent. No screenshots, […]

Jagex: Profits And Investors, Not Doing A Crap Job

RuneScape’s roots go back ten years, to 2001 where the game was a simple at home project by Andrew Gower. With the Gowers now mostly absent (they resigned from the Board of Directors in December 2010), the torch has been passed to Mark Gerhard to keep the developer moving in its upward trend. Granted, Jagex […]