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MMO Fallout On Ethical Gaming Press

We need to have another one of those serious chats, for which I apologize and promise we’ll be getting back to the gaming talk ASAP. As I type this, at 7:40pm on February 25th, the hashtag #letmarkspeak is number two trending on Twitter. If you haven’t been paying attention to the going-ons in the gaming […]


Mark Kern Responds To Departure From Red 5

Recently we learned via a leaked email from Red 5 Studios that Mark Kern had been voted out by fellow board members. In a blog post on, Kern gave his well wishes to those remaining at Red 5. As for his alleged termination, don’t believe everything you hear. Kern refers to his leadership at […]

Mark Kern Removed From Red 5 Studios

Hello, timing. Earlier today, broke the news that CEO Mark Kern has been voted out by board members at Red 5 Studios. An internal email leaked detailing that Kern no longer had any authority within the company, and that further information would be given at a subsequent company meeting. Red 5 reached out to […]

Firefall Is Sick of Trolls, Will Be Kicking Them Out

I’ve talked about the fine line between trolling and constructive criticism, one that generally doesn’t seem to be understood by trolls. And while MMO developers aren’t fans of trolling, they are also generally reluctant to expel their (often paying) customers for throwing up a fuss either in the game or on the forums. Firefall developer Red […]

Red 5: Goodbye For Now, West! Hello China!

A man once said, “Those who can’t do, teach. Those who can’t teach, teach Gym.” I have a similar phrase for companies that make MMOs: “Those who can’t develop, develop for China.” -Omali, MMO Fallout, on the Asian MMO Market Now, if you’re going to accuse me of implying that the Asian MMO market is […]