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Chaturday: You Can’t Download A Console (Yet)

The Pach is Bach! I have a particular affinity for Michael Pachter, partially because he gives me hope in my qualifications of becoming a respected analyst for the gaming industry ala Michael Pachter but without the few products I’ve assisted with being market failures, ala Leigh Alexander. Pachter isn’t right with his predictions all of […]


Whining Vs Complaining, By Michael Pachter

Get More:, Pach-Attack! – Whiners vs. Complainers HD, PC Games, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 In today’s video, Michael Pachter calls it like he sees it, he is MMO Fallout’s resident Whale Biologist after all. More importantly is the distinction between complainers and whiners. People who complain do so constructively and express their problems reasonably […]