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[Not Massive] Xbox Game Pass Gets Bigger This Month

This month sees a marked increase in titles available on Xbox Game Pass, the $10 monthly subscription service that gives access to over a hundred games on Xbox One. New titles have been released as of July 1, including racing title Dirt 4, sniper game Zombie Army Trilogy, Shadow Complex Remastered, The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, […]


The Division, Elder Scrolls Online Hit Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass is a $10/month service that allows you to play an impressive library of games on your Xbox One, and with E3 kicking off the service just got more valuable. As announced over the weekend, Microsoft has added several games including The Division, Elder Scrolls Online, and Fallout 4, with more titles on […]

FTC Warns Console Manufacturers: Your Warranties Are Illegal, Change Them

The Federal Trade Commission has issued a warning to console manufacturers: Your warranties are illegal and must be altered within 30 days. The letters were sent to all three console manufacturers: Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo along with Hyundai, HTC, and Asus according to a Freedom of Information request sent by Vice. The FTC warning is […]

Yanked PUBG Ad Is Basically Plagiarized From Community Artwork

The above photo is an Xbox One ad concept created by Reddit user Macsterr and posted on PUBG’s subreddit about a month ago. This image may look familiar if you follow Xbox on Twitter because someone from the company saw the concept and apparently loved it enough to create official advertising that you might refer […]

Neverwinter Details Xbox One Launch

Neverwinter is on the cusp of its Xbox One debut, and Perfect World Entertainment wants you to know exactly what the launch will entail. As noted in the preview posted today, Neverwinter will launch with its original PC content as well as Tyranny of the Dragons. The Sharandar, Dread Ring, Icewind Dale, and PvP campaigns […]

Less Massive: GFWL Not Shutting Down

So, it turns out Games For Windows Live isn’t shutting down next week. According to a statement by Microsoft, you will still be able to download titles from the Games for Windows Live client as usual, however customers will not be able to purchase games or receive title updates. “As previously announced, as part of the […]

Not Massive: Microsoft Offering Live Refunds

Microsoft recently announced that the company would be changing its policy to remove a longstanding requirement for Xbox Live gold in order to access streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu. In order to appeal to those who subscribe to Gold solely for these services, Microsoft has announced a partial refund system for those with active […]

Video of the ___: The Xbox Fun

Xbox One? After this commercial, they should call it Xbox Fun. Wait, I already made that joke in the header. This is why you shouldn’t update your website via typewriter, no backspace key.

Reminder: Age of Empires Online Shutting Down July 2014

Games For Windows Live may have been a hulking pile of poorly managed trash, but it was the pile of trash keeping Age of Empires Online…online. In case you missed it, earlier in August Microsoft accidentally updated the Age of Empires Online page to reveal that the service is shutting down on July 1st, 2014. […]

Not Massive: Sony Won’t Ban You For Early Playing

If my childhood is anything to go off of, Sony’s consistent public contradiction of Microsoft is going to net them a belt buckle to the head, you know once the two are out of the public view. Take Two and Rockstar Games have been going insane with shutting down any outlet for pre-release Grand Theft […]