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Rappelz Shutting Down Its Hardcore Server

The latest expansion for Rappelz has been confirmed for release later in 2016, but for now Webzen has important information for those still playing on the hardcore server. Due to a lack of popularity among the game’s userbase, Webzen has officially announced that the server will close down in just a few months. Server migration […]


Perfect World Consolidating Forums

On May 4th, Perfect World Entertainment will merge all forums into a single location. The changeover affects all games in Perfect World’s library except for those that are already on the new system (APB, Swordsman, etc). If you only play one of our games, this migration will positively affect you as well. Beforehand, we were […]

NCSoft Opens Account Migration

As announced earlier this year, NCSoft has rolled out account migration for players of Aion and Lineage II, beginning today. The move will bring both games under one account, consolidating how the player handles their login, NCoin, and security. As mentioned in the release: NC Accounts allow players to manage their Aion and L2 game […]