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In Plain English: An ArcheAge Lawsuit and the Fraudulent 10% Discount

(Legal Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, and as such nothing in this column constitutes legal advice. All opinions expressed are my own and based on research into case precedent and interpretation of relevant laws and statutes, as well as discussion with the MMO Fallout legal team) It has been four long years since ArcheAge […]


2016 Wrapped Up: Finishing Stories

One thing I’ve been trying to do every year is to go back to the stories that MMO Fallout never followed up on, and to try and bring you all up to speed on whatever happened to the guy or the game or the thing. With that in mind, here are the five stories that […]

MMO Fallout Mentioned In LEGO Book

Some of you may remember back a billion years ago when I interviewed Stephen Calender about Lego Universe, back when MMO Fallout was an even tinier blip on the radar of the internet. Generally I assume that our old articles are lost to the deep recesses of history, not to mention the back pages of […]

Free Stuff Plz Month #1: Station Cash

Free Stuff Plz is off to a big start with the reveal of the first month’s contest: Sony Station Cash. Since Sony has such a large library of MMOs all tied to a single cash system, we figured why keep it to just one title? Between now and the end of July 2013, take a […]

MMO Fallout Presents “Free Stuff Plz” Giveaways

I get a lot of emails from people asking me “Omali, you like giving away free stuff and I like free stuff, can I have some free stuff please?” Generally it isn’t put so eloquently, but the point still stands. People like free things, and I like giving things away for free. So how can […]

Recent Structural Changes To MMO Fallout

Hello everyone, You may or may not be aware of MMO Fallout’s recent downtime, stemming from a concentrated attempt at breaking into our WordPress database. The attack was unsuccessful, however it brought the website down for most of the day. In response, we are making some back end changes to beef up security. The most […]

Falling Out #23: Expecting the Expected

Falling Out appeared before 7pm. Pay me.

Falling Out #19: No More Fantasy

True story.

[Website] Update On Comment System

Good news everyone! Normally I don’t report on website updates, but I feel that this is large enough to warrant a note. Generally MMO Fallout doesn’t get a lot of comments, and I think I’ve figured out why. As the folks from the Save City of Heroes group have pointed out, the Bad Behavior plugin […]

Falling Out #15: Special Apocalypse Edition

To be completely honest, the apocalypse won’t start until Valve prints the gold copy of Half Life 3, so we have at least another twenty years to live. Thank you to oocities for the dungeon background.