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MMO Fallout Says Goodbye To 2015’s Dearly Departed

2015 is over and that means paying respect to the recently departed, games with no servers and developers without jobs. While the year brought with it plenty of new games, it also marked the end of others and whether or not those games continue to live on through unofficial, community-run private servers is another story. […]

Triad Wars Is Shutting Down

Triad Wars developer United Front Games has announced that the Hong Kong MMO will be going offline on January 20th. The closure announcement comes just a few days after the departure of community manager Iain, also telling players to look forward to big announcements in the new year. While items in the cash shop will […]

Get Games Cheap: Thanksgiving Digital Sales

Thanksgiving is upon us and while this is traditionally an American holiday, there is no reason that everyone can’t get something out of it. (Editor’s note: Prices shown in USD. Sales/Games may not be available in all regions.) ARK: Survival Evolved – $17.99 (was $29.99) The Crew – $14.99 (was $29.99) The Elder Scrolls Online […]

Borderlands Online Future In Question As 2K Shanghai Shuts Down

If you were waiting out on that Borderlands MMO, you may want to hold on to your sick days for now. 2K Games reported this week that it will be shutting down not just its Singapore offices but also those in Shanghai, laying off around 150 employees and leaving behind little more than a simple […]

Archlord 2 Shutting Down

Webzen has announced the impending sunsetting of Archlord 2. The servers for the PVP-centric MMO will shut down in approximately two months, on November 24th. Archlord 2 initially launched in 2014, giving it a much shorter run than its predecessor which ran from 2005 until 2014. The sequel was heavily criticized during beta for poor […]

Marvel Heroes Will Annualize Versions

The shift from Marvel Heroes to Marvel Heroes 2015 took a rather mediocre game and transformed it into the critically acclaimed title it is today, but don’t expect that shiny 2015 tag to stay forever. In an interview with Game Sauce, David Brevik discusses that Marvel Heroes will see annualized versions, accompanied by major patches […]

Trove Introduces Patron Program

Trove players looking to pay for a bit more will be able to sign up for Patron, the MMO’s recurring subscription program. Patron costs $14.99 per month and comes with all of the perks listed above, and can be purchased in recurring subscription form as well as single-month packages. Multi-month packages are up in packages […]

Salem Enters Full Release

Mortal Moments Inc has announced the launch of Salem, the perma-death historical sandbox. In 2013, Paradox Interactive announced that it was relinquishing its position as publisher for the sandbox MMO, leaving Seatribe to go at it alone. Last year, Mortal Moments took over management of Salem, merging the servers into one and resetting characters. Yesterday’s […]

Lego Universe Was Hindered By Dong Detection Software

Lego Universe was an MMO that allowed players a free space to build anything their heart desired, and since the internet is well known as a mature and well behaved medium, it may surprise you to learn that some players were using the creator to build brick representations of male genitals. Former Lego Universe developer […]

Wildstar Confirms Free To Play This Autumn

Carbine Studios has officially announced that Wildstar will be heading free to play this Autumn. Details are sparse at the moment, however players will be able to play through “everything the game has to offer without spending any money, so yes, we do mean free.”There are social and other limitations to free accounts however, mostly […]