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MMOrning Shots: Ten Years of DOFUS

Today’s MMOrning Shot comes to us from DOFUS, which is celebrating ten years of being online this year. MMOrning Shots isn’t ten years old, but you can still check it out every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Super Data Research: ARPU In Shooters

Superdata Research has once again come around with new insight into the industry. This time, the marketing group has come up with a list showcasing the average revenue per user of the top free to play shooters on the market. The list notes that games like League of Legends have nine players for every person […]

Top 5: Worst Advertising Pitches

How many times have you read an interview or developer diary and thought “oh boy, not this again?” Given the recent list of games being announced, I am willing to bet several times. If the video game genre is one thing, it is cyclic, and if you pay attention long enough you can almost predict […]

“MMO For Girls” Teeters On Offensive

Today I received one of the most awkward press releases to grace my inbox, and if the title of this article left you a bit worried than we are both on the same page. AggroStudios, who apparently played a major role in support services for City of Steam, has announced that they are working on […]

Harry Potter MMO Already Dead

Well this is a bit awkward. Not even a week after the announcement that a Harry Potter MMO was in development, we learned that said MMO has been put on hold indefinitely. As it turns out, the folks at Bio-Hazard Entertainment may have exaggerated their claim that Warner Bros had allowed to them to create […]

Harry Potter MMO Is Go…Until Beta, At Least

How many times have you found yourself wondering why no one stepped up to create a Harry Potter MMO? If you’re anything like us, the answer is a lot. Even though it has been nearly six years since the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, the franchise is still going strong with loyal […]

Another Strong IP Bites The Dust

If we have learned anything here at MMO Fallout over the past five years, it is that a strong property means absolutely nothing when it comes to the success of an MMO, or any video game for that matter. In case you didn’t notice this idea in place with the launch of Warhammer Online or […]

Whatever Happened: The Missing Ink

Here at MMO Fallout, we occasionally like to ask and answer a straightforward question: Whatever happened to that one game we heard about a while back? While looking through the game list, I realized that we haven’t heard from The Missing Ink in nearly a year. Experimental MMOs and indie games built by small studios […]

EverEmber Beta V2 Releases Today

Here at MMO Fallout, we love games like EverEmber Online, so we were excited to see that the latest beta version will be releasing Monday, January 27th. The server is scheduled to come up at 5pm eastern, but you can download the client now and preload up to the latest release version. If you have […]

Photo of the Now: Brad McQuaid’s Throne

Brad McQuaid is working on an MMO, the secret kind of MMO. The Kickstarter for McQuaid Online is on its way, but for now the man himself has posted a teaser picture on Twitter. (Source: Brad McQuaid)