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Photo of the Now: Brad McQuaid’s Throne

Brad McQuaid is working on an MMO, the secret kind of MMO. The Kickstarter for McQuaid Online is on its way, but for now the man himself has posted a teaser picture on Twitter. (Source: Brad McQuaid)

Steam Holiday Sales

[Insert December holiday here] is upon us, and that means the Steam holiday sale is invading our wallets and making us choose between dinner and a pile of cheap games. As always, prices are in USD and may vary slightly based on your location and may not be available in all areas. Most of these […]

Mark Kern Removed From Red 5 Studios

Hello, timing. Earlier today, broke the news that CEO Mark Kern has been voted out by board members at Red 5 Studios. An internal email leaked detailing that Kern no longer had any authority within the company, and that further information would be given at a subsequent company meeting. Red 5 reached out to […]

Embers Of Caerus And Volunteer Projects

I love our indie friends, in fact I went as far as to devote space here at MMO Fallout to promoting the City of Titans Kickstarter effort not to mention multiple others. And even though I added the widget to the side-bar, I never went as far as directly telling people to pledge their money. […]

Eldevin Impressions: A Touch of Nostalgia

I suppose it’s a good thing that I murdered every single prisoner in the prison, considering the dead guards and smashed doors, this place probably isn’t suitable for holding any of them for the foreseeable future. The prison will also find itself lacking in a warden, seeing as how I killed the traitorous bastard on […]

Lessons From 2013 #10: Something About Hyperbole

I love my audience, each and every one of you, but let’s be honest: We have a habit of taking jokes out of context when they come from people or organizations that we don’t like. I’m not trying to shame anyone, I fall into that same trap myself from time to time. It’s easy to […]

NSA Infiltrates World of Warcraft

Terrorist hunting or just looking for a reason to play World of Warcraft at the taxpayer’s expense? According to documents leaked to The Guardian by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, the US National Security Agency and British Government Communications Headquarters deployed spies into multiple MMOs including World of Warcraft. The practice, dating back to 2008, monitors […]

MMOrning Shots: Go To Hell

Today’s MMOrning Shot is a very old screenshot from Hellgate: London, circa 2005. I could be wrong, but I’m not entirely sure that the demon pictured above ever made it into the final game. Is Hellgate even running anymore? The website says yes but the forums appear to be offline constantly. Check out MMOrning Shots […]

Lessons From 2013 #7: Taking Threats Seriously

Am I the only one who has noticed that stupid people have a habit of doing stupid things? Case in point? Back in 2007, teenagers on Long Island started a fad of running into fences to knock them over. Every once in a while you hear on the news that someone called a bomb threat […]

Lessons From 2013 #6: A Rift Between Regions

This year taught me that Trion Worlds isn’t all too enthusiastic about overseas endeavors. Over the course of 2013, Rift announced its impending shuttering in China, Korea, and Russia, but what caught my eye wasn’t that the game was shutting down, but why. In early October when Shanda Games announced that Rift would be shutting down in […]