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Black Desert Online Reduces Costume Prices 10% is reporting that costume prices in Black Desert Online will be reduced by 10% in response to community criticism over high prices. Currently in beta, Daum Games has taken heavy backlash on its forums over the perception that its prices for cash shop items were too high, with costumes going for as much as $32. According […]


Everquest Next Drops Ties With Storybricks

Daybreak Game Studios has announced that they have cut ties with Storybricks and will continue developing the game’s AI in-house. The comment came during a live stream where the team also revealed hopes that the game will come to Xbox and Playstation. “We are not working with Storybricks any more. We made the decision that […]

Lessons From 2013 #4: Threats From Devs

Despite some of the criticisms I make here at MMO Fallout, I have a decent relationship with most developers that I talk about. I don’t water down my editorials and for the most part they are fully aware that anything negative is said with the best of intentions. That out of the way, MMO Fallout has […]

Raph Koster’s Q&A

Raph Koster performed a live forum Q&A on the forums, answering questions about his views on the industry present and future, and boy were the questions interesting. When asked about an MMO mimicking pre-Trammel Ultima Online, Koster stated his disbelief that a modern Ultima Online could work, and that the “whole gankfest thing” is […]

Greed Monger Threatens With Lawsuit, Game Unlisted

Greed Monger has been completely unlisted from following a request from Electric Crow Games. According to Managing Editor Bill Murphy, the MMO news website was contacted with a request to remove negative posts, with legal action against the website threatened if the requests were not made.’s policy is to completely remove a game’s […]

WWII Online Removed From By Cornered Rat Software

You may not have noticed that World War II Online suddenly went missing from earlier today. The main game page for WWII Online and the forum directory became inaccessible, although threads were not deleted and can still be reached and posted in with direct links. The removal came with no immediate comment by either […]

Community Concerns #3: The Revival

Today’s “Absolutely Brilliant!” comes from user Gnatbug on the forums. Gnatbug has a list of rules for how to go about buying an MMO, and although he may be a little too selective (#4), he hits right on the money. Rule #1) Never Pre-Order unless you have played in the open beta of a game! […] Slander With Human Shields

You have been issued a warning by one of our moderators. Warning Category: Trolling Reason: Posting excessive negative comments or baiting others to respond in a negative manner is considered trolling on the forums. I have this problem over on the forums, and that is whenever I make a positive post about Mortal […]

I Don’t Do Reviews, For Good Reason

If you’re a visitor to, you’ve probably found yourself stepping into the middle of a controversy. Apparently yesterday’s review of Fallen Earth caused such an uproar that’s staff saw fit to remove it from the website. I decided to get my super sleuth kit, and by super sleuth kit I mean grabbing part […]