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[NM] Despite Loot Box Controversy, Shadow of War Gets Good Reviews

Yesterday marked the launch of Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, and not everyone is happy with Monolith’s monetization scheme. Reviews are pretty positive, however a number of critical outlets have mentioned that late game progress is heavily tied to loot boxes and grind. But enough about the critics, how do players feel? Over on Steam, […]


MMOrning Shots: This Is A Crowd

If you ever want proof that a good chunk of people still play Defiance, just check out one of the game’s many Arkfall events. Arkfalls are a great place to go through your stockpile of weapons and figure out which are worth keeping or need to be thrown away. Check out Defiance at

The Matrix Online Had Less Than 500 Players

It’s been four years since The Matrix Online was shut down, it is time to move on Omali! That’s what you think. Gamescom is up and running, and that means commentary by Sony Online Entertainment on past games. Linda “Brasse” Carlson, Director of Global Community Relations at Sony Online Entertainment commented on the old and […]