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Star Vault Private Placement For Steam

Star Vault has announced the private placement of 2.6 million SEK in shares to allow for greater development and hone in on a launch on Steam. The issue includes ten million B-shares among several private investors at a price of .26 SEK per share to Markus Hodell, Magnus Uppsäll, William LW Nock and Joan Mir. According […]


Mortal Online Greenlight On Steam

Star Vault has announced that Mortal Online has finally been approved by Valve for release via Steam’s Greenlight program. The sandbox MMO has sat near the top of Valve’s list for a good while now, seemingly passed over with every month’s release set. Well the good news is that players will soon be logging in […]

Star Vault Q2 Finances: Sales Down, Profits Down

Star Vault has released their second quarter finances for 2013. Following a rise in the first quarter, net sales dropped approximately 15% to $811,263 USD while net profit fell further into the red at $-937,168 USD. According to the quarterly report, the number of active subscriptions in Q2 2013 is in line with Q1 2013. […]

Star Vault’s Q1 2013 Shows Growth

Star Vault has released their Q1 2013 reports and things are looking up, somewhat. The Swedish developer notes a combination of increased subscriptions since last quarter as well as the introduction of the ability to donate money for development, as contributing to the company’s revenue growth in 2013. Star Vault’s net sales for Q1 2013 […]

Star Vault Releases Q4 Income

Star Vault has released their fourth quarter releases for 2012, and the news isn’t all bad. Net sales lowered to 463,307 Krona ($72 thousand, approximately) from 501,252 Krona ($78 thousand) in the third quarter. Net profits continued deeper into the red at -895,699 ($140 thousand, approximately) from 706,844 in the third quarter ($110 thousand). The […]

Mortal Online Shows Higher Resolution Textures

There is no denying that the citizens of Nave have faces only a mother could love, and in many cases a body of hair that even Robin Williams would be impressed by. Not too long ago, Star Vault set up a donation system where players are able to throw a little extra into the coffers. The idea, […]

Mortal Online Is Free To Play

Count this one under “who could have seen that coming?” Star Vault has announced on Facebook that Mortal Online will be heading free to play. Free accounts will have a restriction of 60, out of a possible 100 skill points, with some other restrictions. Premium subscribers will have access to thievery, and are able to […]

Star Vault Q3 2012

Profits and sales are down from last quarter in Star Vault’s latest reports. According to the latest financial documents, subscriber count decreased in the third quarter compared to the second, despite the release of Mortal Online’s expansion Awakening. Awakening aims to bring new players into Mortal Online by making the game more user-friendly. Next on […]

Star Vault Accepting Donations In Return For Perks

It’s been a while since Star Vault released Mortal Online’s latest expansion, Awakening. While current development focus is aimed directly at squashing the numerous problematic bugs that have caused problems, John VanderZwet has posted an update on the Mortal Online website to detail some upcoming changes, including a donation system set up on the request […]

Working Out A Bounty System

A bounty system is to sandbox MMOs like peanut butter to fluff on a sandwich perhaps with a glass of cold milk on the side (soy or almond if you prefer). While the sandbox purists will say that developers should just allow players to run their own bounty system, because risk is just part of […]