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Ultima Forever Shutting Down August 29th

With Mythic Entertainment dead and buried, the last remnants of the company are beginning to fall. Ultima Forever is the latest domino to fall, with Electronic Arts announcing that the servers will come down on August 29th. While the past year has certainly been quite the adventure – in Britannia and beyond! – that adventure […]


Mythic Entertainment Closes Its Doors

Electronic Arts has announced that Dark Age of Camelot developer Mythic Entertainment has been closed down. Mythic Entertainment are the creators behind Dark Age of Camelot and were acquired by EA Games back in 2006. Mythic Entertainment’s luck ran out when Warhammer Online launched to overwhelmingly negative reception. While Warhammer Online would not shut down until 2013, […]

Ex-Warhammer Dev Asks For Singleplayer Client

Warhammer Online may be offline forever, but its world may not be lost to us forever. Andrew Meggs, tech guy at City State Entertainment and ex-engineer at Mythic Entertainment, took to his blog to explain that while players may not be able to enjoy Warhammer Online as it was, it is within Mythic’s capabilities to […]

MMOrning Shots: To Waaagh! And Back

Warhammer Online comes to a close today, after five years of operation. As much as we joke here at MMO Fallout about the MMO and just about everything else surrounding the game and its developer, we’re always sad to see a game shut down. There might not have been a lot of people playing Warhammer, […]

Warhammer Online Details Refunds

In case you’ve forgotten, Warhammer Online shuts down tomorrow. In a post on the Warhammer website, Mythic has detailed exactly how players will be compensated for their purchases. If you have made a purchase after November 1st, or had any game time remaining on your account on the same day, you will be refunded in […]

Warhammer Opens All Accounts For Last Push

  Warhammer Online shuts down December 18th, and to send off the game with style Mythic has decided to open up all accounts for a last month and a half of bashing in skulls. There will even be some people playing Warhammer. A post on the official website notes that all accounts in good standing […]

Wrath of Heroes To Shut Down, Mythic Denies Refunds

Eventually someone will realize that despite the success of games like League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth, and Valve’s DOTA 2, the MOBA genre is not the next line of games where companies can put out any product and simply sit back and watch the money print itself. Originally announced in 2011, Wrath of Heroes […]

Warhammer Online Adds Items Doubling/Nullifying Exp

Believe it or not, Warhammer Online is still running and still has one or two people manning the ship, even if the steering wheel is rotting from neglect, the hatches have not been battened in a long time, and the poop deck could use a good swabbing, and there’s the little matter of that ice […]

Bioware Mythic Is Just Mythic

Keeping track of how Electronic Arts names its studios is difficult, considering that subdivisions are shuffled around and renamed quite often. EA acquired Mythic Entertainment and renamed them Bioware Mythic. In a post on the Warhammer Online website, Mythic has announced that it is divorcing itself from the Bioware name. From now on, you can […]

Ultima Online Ask & Answer #6

Ultima Online has published the sixth Ask & Answer and there are some interesting questions for gamers, regardless of whether you play Ultima Online or not. For instance, did you know Ultima Online doesn’t have a full personal message system in place? The team is working on one, according to the Q&A. In addition to […]