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Bless Online To Offer Big Update On America Day (July 4)

Neowiz has announced the next big content patch for Bless Online hitting Steam digital shelves on July 4. The update introduces new royalty quests, daily missions available at level 45 that offer better rewards than standard quests and can be completed up to 15 per day in return for rare pets and mounts, among other […]


Bless Online Promises To Fix Unpopular Balance Changes

Ask gamers what they want out of an MMO and “make me less powerful and the enemies more powerful” is probably not going to be high on the list. So when Bless Online developer Neowiz decided to slash player power across the board, those players were understandably annoyed. With waves of negative reactions to the […]

Bless Online Is A Mess Online; Neowiz Apologizes, Compensates Players

Bless Online launched into early access this week and the launch was a bit of a mess. Between server lag, outages, maintenance, and the existence of a rather treacherous item dupe exploit, players were up in arms with some demanding refunds for their founder’s pack purchases. In response, Neowiz posted an apology, promising fixes and […]

MMOrning Shots: Bless(less) Screens

Holy cow elephant! Today’s MMOrning Shot comes to us from the “not available in your region” pile. Bless, an upcoming MMO built using the Unreal 3 Engine, and it looks amazing. Bless will feature ten races, two factions, and eight classes. When will Bless come to the West? That’s for you to find out. In […]

RaiderZ Shutting Down In Korea

It feels like just a month ago that were were discussing RaiderZ shutting down in Europe. Because it was. Just under a month, actually, since Gameforge announced that RaiderZ would be shutting down. Further to the east, Neowiz has announced rather unexpectedly that RaiderZ will also be shutting down its services in Korea. The servers […]