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Snapshots: Dance All Over Your Enemies

Today’s Snapshot comes to us from Guild Wars 2, where players can get their hands on the First Follower Desmina Outfit. The outfit joins the cash shop along with the Choya finisher, and the return of the Heroes Dye Pack, Snowflake Glider, and Mini Festive Aurene with more items returning throughout the week. You can […]


Overwatch Introduces Ana, Healing Sniper

Following Blizzard’s recent reveal of a sniper rifle with healing capabilities,¬†gamers are finally being introduced to the latest playable member of Overwatch: Ana. The mother of Phariah, Ana’s biotic rifle is capable of healing friendlies and inflicting damage over time to enemies. Her sidearm, a sleep dart, is capable of putting enemies to sleep (naturally) […]

Jagex Is Working On Another MMO Again

Hot off the heels of Transformers Universe closing down, it appears Jagex is back on the horse with another MMO. A job listing popped up on the Jagex website looking for a lead programmer for an “undisclosed MMO.” Given the exciting recent developments in online game engine technology and our historical success with the record […]