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Bad Press: Saudi Arabia Did Not Ban 47 Games Over Child Suicides

If you’ve been reading the news this week, you may have come across a story that the Saudi General Commission for Audio-Visual Media has banned a list of 47 video games following the suicide deaths of a 13-year old girl and 12-year old boy. You might be more confused by the fact that the two […]

Column How Reddit Once Again Bamboozled the Media

I have a distinct advantage over traditional media with MMO Fallout; I don’t run ads, I don’t have sponsors, and I have given minimal thought to opening a Patreon. As an entity, I am completely unaccountable for boosting views to their maximum potential, and as a result I enjoy the unique trait of not being […]

ArcheAge 4.0: All The News That’s Fit To Print

ArcheAge 4.0 hits PC in the fourth quarter this year, and Trion Worlds has released a fact list showcasing some of the features coming to the titular MMO. More information will be coming at a later date, however Trion Worlds has showcased the following new features coming with the next big version update: 20 player […]

Weekend Wrapper: Still Not E3 Edition

This week marks a special occasion here at MMO Fallout, in that once again I am branching out. Check out the first episode of my weekly movie review podcast, Direct 2 Netflix. If you enjoy it, please subscribe and keep listening. We’ll have new episodes out hopefully every Monday. As usual, the weekend wrapper looks […]

Wildstar Details 2015 Updates

Carbine Studios has posted a preview of updates to come in 2015. While Wildstar was recognized last year for its soundtrack and combat system, there is no denying that the game is in need of improvement. Product director Mike Donatelli has detailed plans for the first half of 2015, promising: We will invest in, enhance, […]

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