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[NM] Lawbreakers Discussing Marketing, Dismisses Free To Play

Lawbreakers launched nearly one month ago, and suffice to say the game hasn’t been that well received on PC. Despite boasting a “mostly positive” review score from those who did pick up the title, the population peaked at 3,000 and has plummeted to a present 163 concurrent users as of 9am EST on a Wednesday […]

Nexon Celebrates Chaos Chronicle One Year Anniversary

Nexon America is currently celebrating the one year anniversary of Chaos Chronicle, 2D mobile MMORPG available on Android and iOS, and is hosting a variety of events over the course of this week. The content, listed below, is available for new and returning players and includes a new Play Points gameplay feature to assist players […]

Mabinogi Duel Crosses With Guilty Gear

Nexon today announced that it is collaborating with Arc System Works to incorporate its popular Guilty Gear franchise into the trading card game, Mabinogi Duel. Based on the MMO, Mabinogi Duel is available on both iOS and Android devices, with players battling each other from all over the world using decks of cards inspired by […]

Nexon Acquires Unannounced Game

Nexon has acquired the worldwide publishing rights for the first born video game of First Strike, which may lead to some MMO Fallout readers asking “well what’s the game?” Patience, my children, as the game hasn’t been announced yet. Formed last year, First Strike is a new on the scene developer composed of developers from […]

NEXON Invests In Tree of Savior Developer IMC Games

Nexon has announced that its subsidiary Nexon Korea has made a strategic investment in IMC Games, developer of the Tree of Savior MMO. Tree of Savior has been up and running in Korea since December 2015 and September 2016 in Japan, features fairytale-motif graphics, and a class development system for character customization. IMC Games is […]

PSA: Return To Atlantica Online, or Lose Everything

Atlantica Online is getting a new set of parents in the form of VALOFE, moving from its current home at Nexon on January 11th. As part of this transition, players are warned to transfer their stuff or face the possibility of losing it. Anyone who does not transfer their account over by the January 11th […]

Nexon Releases Q3 Financial Highlights

Nexon has released their third quarter financials for 2016 for the period ending September 30th, and the results are in. While third quarter revenues (44.3 billion yen) dropped 11% over last year, they exceeded estimations thanks to the strong performances of Maplestory and Dungeon & Fighter in Korea along with solid performance from Dungeon & […]

Cash Shop Trading Coming To Riders of Icarus

Pop quiz: Name one way in which developers have successfully decreased gold farming while raising revenue. If you guessed tradeable cash shop items, you are correct. Riders of Icarus is the latest title to jump on board the trading bandwagon with the announcement that a new section of the shop will allow players to buy […]

Nexon Q2 Quarterly Revenues Hit “Strong,”

Nexon, developer of everything and publisher of everything else, has finally announced their second quarter results for the 2016 fiscal year, referencing their performance as “strong” despite lower than expected revenue. Second quarter revenues reached 38 billion yen, down 11% over last year with net income amounting to 7.6 billion yen over the same period. […]

Nexon Chairman Indicted On Corruption Charges, Bribes His Prosecutor

A three week investigation has concluded that Nexon founder and chairman┬áKim Jung-ju likely gave more than eight hundred thousand in bribes to high ranking prosecutor┬áJin Kyung-joon, in a case regarding suspicious stock transactions. According to ongoing investigations, Jin received 425 million won from Nexon to buy stocks in the company, allowing the prosecutor to amass […]