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Online Text RPG Torn Coming To Android In May

You just don’t hear about large-scale text based games these days, but Torn has been rather quietly seeing massive success on desktop PCs. Launched 14 years ago, Torn bills itself as the game that Mafia Wars was built on. It lets players build a life in the city as a business owner, mob boss, or […]


Keeping Fans Happy is Crucial for Multiplayer Games

Multiplayer has steadily become the rule, as opposed the exception, when it comes to modern gaming. In our super-connected age, solo experiences alone simply don’t offer enough to keep players interested. There’s no question that adding real people to the fray offers a degree of chaos that can’t be replicated by AI and helps to […]

Elder Scrolls Online DLC Owners Get Free Vanity Pets

If you purchased the Thieves Guild or Orsinium DLC packs, you have a new vanity pet waiting for you. Orsinium owners will receive an Echalette pet while Thieves Guild will receive a Jackal to follow them around on their adventures. The pets require completion of a very simple achievement, simply walk into the area introduced […]

[Not Massive] The Ship And Tossing Away First Impressions

(Editor’s Note: As I was gearing up to publish this, the news broke that Blazing Griffin is pushing the release date back to deal with the exact issue that this article covers.) The Ship Remastered is set to go into Early Access on Monday, and while most developers do their best to get a game in […]

Elder Scrolls Online Introduces You To The Thieves Guild

The third DLC pack for The Elder Scrolls Online introduces players to the Thieve’s Guild, an organization that the player finds in shambles. Players travel to Abah’s Landing in southern Hammerfell to join the guild, and must work to rebuild it back to its former glory. Membership in the guild has many benefits, including a […]

Shadowrun Servers Will Stay Up Despite Bankruptcy, Says Dev

Cliffhanger Productions has declared bankruptcy and is in the process of liquidation, and players are understandably concerned about the future of their MMO Shadowrun Chronicles. Luckily for customers and Kickstarter backers, we’ve been assured that the game isn’t going anywhere and will continue to receive updates. The details are a little fuzzy, but we’ve learned […]

Might & Magic Online Tournament Coming

Might & Magic Online players have the chance to win a Playstation 4 in a month-long tournament that is already in progress. The “Champions of Ashan” event starts today and lasts throughout the month. The tournament will allow players to prove their skills during fierce Player versus Player battles and compete to receive special rewards […]

Petition To Revive Wizardry Gets Attention

A player petition to bring back Wizardry Online may have hit its mark. Ever since Sony Online Entertainment cut its ties and shut down the Wizardry servers mid-2014, players have been trying to convince other publishers to give the game a second chance. Several months later, one such company has responded. Over at the Suba […]

Shadowrun Online’s Story System Is…Interesting?

Shadowrun Online passed its Kickstarter Goal of half a million dollars way back in August 2012, and while the game won’t be hitting its original May 2013 anticipated launch, the team over at Cliffhanger Productions is working hard and keeping the community informed. In an update released today, the team is blogging about how the […]

MMOrning Shots: Everquest Online Adventures

I had a Playstation 2 last year when I was covering Everquest Online Adventures shortly before it shut down. I have no idea what happened to it, but it disappeared.