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Petition To Revive Wizardry Gets Attention

A player petition to bring back Wizardry Online may have hit its mark. Ever since Sony Online Entertainment cut its ties and shut down the Wizardry servers mid-2014, players have been trying to convince other publishers to give the game a second chance. Several months later, one such company has responded. Over at the Suba […]

Shadowrun Online’s Story System Is…Interesting?

Shadowrun Online passed its Kickstarter Goal of half a million dollars way back in August 2012, and while the game won’t be hitting its original May 2013 anticipated launch, the team over at Cliffhanger Productions is working hard and keeping the community informed. In an update released today, the team is blogging about how the […]

MMOrning Shots: Everquest Online Adventures

I had a Playstation 2 last year when I was covering Everquest Online Adventures shortly before it shut down. I have no idea what happened to it, but it disappeared.

Family Guy Online Shutting Down Next Month

Family Guy Online is a self-proclaimed “MMLOL,” fancy business speak which when translated into common English means “mediocre game based on well known IP.” Sure, Family Guy Online was an incredibly shallow game experience that put more effort into various fart jokes and racist/sexist comments than coding, but look at it this way: Underneath all of […]

Creating Games Using Someone Else’s Intellectual Property

As someone who started writing by creating derivative works of existing properties, I have a special place in my heart for amateur studios who do the same. So whenever I have to deal with such a group of people, I never see them as content theives when I tell them they will probably be served […]

Players Petition To Revive Pirates Of The Caribbean Online

Pirates of the Caribbean Online is one of those titles that has so far eluded the MMO Fallout radar. Surprising, considering the game predates this website by quite a bit. POTCO, as it is called, was released in 2007 by Disney Interactive Media Group, and while the game hasn’t exactly skyrocketed to a massive audience, […]

Shadowrun Online Seeks Additional Funding

Shadowrun Online was funded way back in August, to the tune of over half a million dollars, but the funding has not stopped there. If you wanted to get in on the Kickstarter action but did not for one reason or another, do I have good news for you. The blokes at Cliffhanger Productions have […]

Earthrise Back Online

Attention Earthrise Players: The Earthrise Servers are back on-line, all players are now able to sign in and play the latest build. At this time “Only Previously Registered Players” will have access to enter the game, we will announce when we are ready to start accepting new registrations for Earthrise. After an extended period of downtime, Earthrise […]

Mortal Online Secures A Publisher!

To be a fly on the wall of the Star Vault offices. Not too long ago, I uploaded a comment by Henrik Nystrom that Star Vault was receiving a large quantity of offers to publish, and even buy Mortal Online from the developer. With the recent announcement that the Unreal 3 MMO will be published […]

Community Concerns: So Should I Cancel DC Universe?

This is a tough article for me to write, because it goes against virtually all of my established ethics for MMO Fallout, foremost the ultimate disapproval: Recommending that people not only do not buy, but unsubscribe to a game. Since last week’s Playstation Network outage, I’ve had a number of people emailing me to ask […]