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Blizzard Promises Bans For Overwatch AFKers

Blizzard has put AFKers on notice: According to a recent forum post, Overwatch is targeting some bad hombres, specifically players who create or join custom games with the intent of farming experience. Going forward, if players even think about joining a custom game with the intent of farming experience while away from keyboard, they may […]

[Video] Nano-Boosted Bastion Is Nearly Indestructible

Who says using the test server can’t be fun? Blizzard’s latest test patch for Overwatch is up for players to enjoy, take advantage of, and suss out potential game breaking issues not unlike the one you see in the video above. Among the various changes to heroes are a variety of tweaks meant to make Bastion […]

Overwatch Hits 20 Million, Opens Halloween Event

What better way to celebrate Halloween than with your old friend Junkenstein? As you might have anticipated, Overwatch is selling like water in the desert, thanks to the 20 million people who have picked the title up on various consoles. As part of the October festivities, Blizzard has opened up the latest seasonal event: Halloween. […]

Overwatch: Square Enix And Sony To Face Off

Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda and president of Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia Atsushi Morita will be squaring off in the battlefield later this week. As reported by our friends over at MMO Culture, the heads of both developers will be putting together their own teams of six to fight it out in Overwatch (presumably […]

Overwatch Introduces Ana, Healing Sniper

Following Blizzard’s recent reveal of a sniper rifle with healing capabilities, gamers are finally being introduced to the latest playable member of Overwatch: Ana. The mother of Phariah, Ana’s biotic rifle is capable of healing friendlies and inflicting damage over time to enemies. Her sidearm, a sleep dart, is capable of putting enemies to sleep (naturally) […]

Overwatch Teases Healing Sniper Rifle

If a recent tweet by the official Overwatch account is anything to go by, the ability to headshot your teamates back to health may soon be on its way. Posted on the @PlayOverwatch Twitter account, the image shows blueprints for a sniper rifle with healing abilities. Commentary from Overwatch heroes in the image adds a […]

Blizzard Is Suing Bossland Cheat Maker…Again

Blizzard has filed suit against World of Warcraft bot maker and Diablo gold farmer Bossland GmbH at a federal court in California. In addition to its antics in World of Warcraft and Diablo, German-based Bossland also sells cheats for other Blizzard titles including Heroes of the Storm. The lawsuit is quite standard for companies going […]

[Overwatch] Torbjörn Is Getting Nerfed On Consoles

It’s conceivable that, over time, Overwatch will be a rather different game on PC and consoles. In response to a thread on Reddit, Blizzard director Jeff Kaplan confirmed that Overwatch hero Torbjörn will be on the receiving end of the nerf bat next month. In an upcoming patch, we will reduce the damage done by Torbjörn’s […]

Overwatch “Avoid This Player” Removed Due To Abuse

Blizzard has announced the removal of Overwatch’s “avoid this player” feature after, perhaps unsurprisingly, the function was abused to avoid playing against highly skilled players. Meant to allow players an opportunity to avoid toxic players, Jeff Kaplan explained on the forums that the function was abused to avoid professional-tier players. One of the best Widowmaker players […]

Check Out Overwatch’s Golden Guns

In his previous talk, Jeff Kaplan announced that competitive mode would bring golden gun skins as a reward for players, with the most skilled among the player base getting their hands on the (presumably) beautiful weapons much sooner than the rest. According to screenshots revealed on the Korean public test server, those guns may be […]