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PSA: Don’t Update Your The Secret World Launcher, It’s Broken

If you were thinking of checking out The Secret World in defiance of the head start launch of Secret World Legends, you might want to tread lightly in allowing your patcher to update itself. Why? Well players are finding that the The Secret World client is automatically updating itself to the Secret World Legends client, […]


To Fix Your Patcher: Use A Torrent Program (Final Fantasy XIV)

Quick question: What do you hate most about Final Fantasy XIV? Odds are, the slow patcher is one of your top answers, and one you haven’t been able to find a fix to. If you are like me, you’ve been finding your patches through external hosts, through Mediafire or FFXIVCore until Square Enix started telling […]

Nothing Says Loving Like A Non-Functioning Patcher

Under normal circumstances, I could chalk this up to Final Fantasy XIV having just launched yesterday (for the head start) but at some point I would be injecting rationale and patience into an area of the system where people have historically rejected both. If you haven’t participated in Square Enix’s foray into the newest generation […]

Play WoW While You Patch WoW!

Technically, Turbine has been doing this for a while with their game clients, but given that few other developers are unwilling to take on this same method, I figured Blizzard gets some notice. ¬†What’s the worst part of patching? If you have low bandwidth, your answer is likely the downloading portion. On large patch days, […]