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One Year Later, Pathfinder Online Still Hasn’t Secured A Buyer

The news on Pathfinder Online has been dead for the better part of the last year, and for pretty good reason: Nobody is left. It has been one year since we learned that everyone on the development team, sans three people, were laid off with CEO Ryan Dancey resigning his post and user acquisition virtually nonexistent. […]


Pathfinder Online Has Three Employees Left

Pathfinder Online, currently in early enrollment, has three employees left. In an announcement on the official website yesterday, Acting CEO Lisa Stevens revealed that the majority of the Goblinworks team has been laid off due to a lack of funds. The company is currently seeking outside investments in order to ensure that the game can […]

Pathfinder Online’s Recruitment Is Flat

Pathfinder Online is currently in “early enrollment” (read: alpha/beta) while charging a subscription, a combination that doesn’t exactly see customers falling over each other to sign up. Regardless, Goblinworks CEO Ryan Dancey took to the forums to express his disappointment in player recruitment being “almost zero.” He suggests that players head to other websites including […]

Pathfinder Online Holds Early Enrollment Back

If you’ve been waiting patiently for the Pathfinder Online Early Enrollment period to begin, well you’re going to be waiting a bit longer. In a post on the Goblin Works developer blog, Ryan Dancey announced that early enrollment will be put on hold until the developer can deal with issues relating to stress tests and […]

Pathfinder Online Delays Early Enrollment

Goblinworks has announced that Pathfinder Online’s open enrollment period will be rescheduled to give their developers more time to implement more features that the community has requested be made available at the start of open enrollment. There are a lot of final pieces coming into place to turn Pathfinder Online into a Minimum Viable Product […]

Pathfinder Online Early Access Coming Soon

Goblinworks has announced that open enrollment for Pathfinder Online will begin on September 15th. The open enrollment area is suited for at least twenty thousand active players, and to ensure that the game reaches those numbers, Goblinworks has accelerated all open enrollment packages to have access beginning the first month. In addition, all early enrollment […]

Pathfinder Online Meets Kickstarter Goal: 27 Days Remaining

You know with all this publicity that Pathfinder Online better launch and be the greatest thing since sliced black bread. Goblinworks still has 27 days left to their Kickstarter project for Pathfinder Online, and not only has the goal been met, it continues to be exceeded. One thousand people pledged over sixty thousand dollars so […]

Kickstarters For You: Pathfinder Online

Pathfinder Online has been featured here at MMO Fallout several times, mostly to discuss the more hardcore routes that the themepark/sandbox hybrid would like to take. From old Everquest corpse runs to bounty systems and everything in between, Pathfinder is the dream of some well known names in the gaming  and role playing businesses. From […]

Let’s Talk Pathfinder’s Bounty System

At the beginning of the month, I did an article on Dominus, and their advertised bounty hunter system, making the point that it was woefully prone to abuse, not unlike many other bounty systems MMOs have attempted to incorporate over the past decade or so. Well the folks at Pathfinder Online must be after my […]

Pathfinder Online Invokes Everquest/RuneScape Death Mechanics

Pathfinder Online almost sounds like a cheap title one might use to parody an MMO with poor AI. That being said, the folks over at Goblin Works have piqued my interest with the announcement that death in Pathfinder will function similar to the old Everquest corpse walk, and yes I just used the words “upcoming […]