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Pay to Win: The Exiled Has No Time For That

The Exiled is an upcoming MMORPG hitting ground February 23, and the development team over at Fairytale Distillery want you to know that their game has no place for pay to win tactics. For starters, everyone access to a seven day free trial which can be extended indefinitely with a simple one time payment of […]


ArcheAge: Buy Credits, Get Backlash

It must be Monday, because Trion Worlds is once again gating controversy over allegations of pay to win in ArcheAge. Last week, the company introduced a perk for the $100 cash shop pack that comes with a free hot tub (pictured above, courtesy of Reddit). So what’s the problem? Companies give these incentives all the […]

Rift Forces Cash Shop, Trion Worlds “It’s Just Business”

Is Rift having financial difficulties? It sounds like a loaded question, but it’s one that many are asking in regards to a recent update and Trion Worlds’ response to player criticism. Today’s update removed the ability to purchase earring slots and Planewalker: Water via runestones, a grindable currency, making them available only through purchases in […]

[Update] Skyforge Dev Threatens Game Bans Over Pay To Win Talk

Allods Team doesn’t like the term free-to-play, so much so that community manager Maeron has warned that discussion on the matter could result in your game access being revoked. In his response, Maeron points to a trend in players pasting the p2w label on pretty much everything that costs money, a label that he believes […]

ArcheAge Russia’s Free To Play Borders Pay To Win

ArcheAge in Russia is making its way down free to play lane, and according to an announcement by, plans to offer even more for free than its Korean counterpart. Russian players will be able to level all the way up to end-game without paying a single ruble, and will have access to building houses […]

Planetside 2 Cancels Pay to Win Implants

If criticism had a physical manifestation, John Smedley would be coming home with a broken nose and a black eye after today’s ordeal. Planetside 2 was gearing up for Game Update 13, which was set to implement a form of the implant system that original Planetside players should be familiar with. Implants are consumable items […]

[Community] Is Ragnarok Online 2 Pay To Win?

Does Ragnarok Online 2 have a pay to win system? I’ve asked around about this and the best answer I’ve been able to come up with is “in a sense, yes, but nothing drastic.” I ask this because Ragnarok features a VIP system, similar to that found in games like Age of Wushu, where players […]

Age of Wushu Will Sell Abilities, At Least In China

I had a chance to see Age of Wushu at New York Comic Con, which intrepid sleuths should take to mean “there was a line about two hours long to play it.” The people I did manage to watch play while staring over their shoulders, however, seemed to be having a fun time. Regardless, news […]

Has Aion Embraced Pay To Win?

Pay to win is a highly controversial label in the MMO business, and I should know. I haven’t even finished the second sentence for this article, yet there is already a mob forming inside of my house ready to beat me to death if I show even a hint of unwavering and militant opposition to […]

Eve: We’re Fine With RMT, Just Don’t Affect The Economy

CCP and the Eve Online community support pay to win. There I said it. For many of you this will hardly be a tantalizing discovery but it is something that needs to be said to the somewhat-in-denial Eve community: Eve Online is already pay to win, what the community is against are implementations that unbalance […]