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Black Desert: Be A Ninja, Right Now

Do you want to be a ninja? Of course you do. Pearl Abyss today announced the release of the latest class for Black Desert on the Xbox One and unlike with the Shai class, you won’t need to go through the hullabaloo of pre-making your character for when it launches in a few weeks. It’s […]

Black Desert Launches on PS4 August 22

Pearl Abyss today announced that pre-order editions of Black Desert are now available for Playstation 4 ahead of the official launch date of August 22. Packages will be 10% off for Playstation Plus members, and include various extra goodies including early access. Playstation 4 Pro users can also enjoy 4K support, an expansive game world […]

[Video] Shai Character Class Comes To Black Desert

Pearl Abyss today announced that the latest character class Shai is now available in Black Desert on the Xbox One. Shai wields a florang (boomerang) and a Vitclari, a powerful ornament that heals and protects her allies. Shai is an expert in gathering and alchemy and is the first class to be able to create […]

Black Desert: Pre-Create Your Shai Character, Get Rewards

Pearly Abyss has announced that the Shai class is officially available for…creation. Starting today, Black Desert players are invited to participate in an in-game event to create and customize their Shai character for when the class officially becomes available on June 26. If you create your character before that point, you’ll be eligible for a […]

Pearl Abyss Announces $1 Billion In Black Desert Online Revenue

Black Desert Online developer Pearl Abyss is breaking out the name brand Lunchables this week, and with good reason. The developer announced today that Black Desert has raked in one billion dollars in gross sales across all platforms. The title is available in over 150 countries and boasts 18 million users. Robin Jung, CEO of […]

Black Desert Online To Shutter Its Battle Royale Mode

In a rare show of self awareness for the industry, Kakao has announced that its Battle Royale mode for Black Desert Online will shut down. Originally released just a few months ago, Shadow Arena pits 50 players against one another with their eyes on shiny rewards. Unfortunately while Kakao had intended the mode to receive […]

Black Desert Launches Latest Update

Black Desert has launched its latest update on Xbox less than one month after official launch. The update introduces four new classes, each bringing new ways to experience the game, as well as large-scale PvP modes called Node Wars and Conquest Wars. The four classes are the Dark Knight, Lahn, Musa, and Striker. Dark Knight: Dark […]

Black Desert Online Launches Today

Black Desert officially hits Xbox One today, says developer Pearl Abyss. The base game can be purchased for $9.99 USD and contains instant access, with higher editions at $29.99 (standard), $49.99 (Deluxe), and $99.99 (Ultimate). The full release starts with a 55 level cap. Pearl Abyss also announced the Black Desert Partners Program, which looks […]

Reminder: The Final Free Open Beta For Black Desert Is Live

Black Desert the open world MMORPG is coming to Xbox One on March 4. For now, however, players can take part in the final open beta at no financial cost to themselves. Just head over to the Microsoft store or through the Xbox Store via your in-console app. Players are also invited to experience large-scale […]

Black Desert Final Open Beta Date Revealed

Pearl Abyss has announced the final beta for Black Desert, the open-world fantasy action MMORPG coming to Xbox One. The final open beta will run from February 14 to February 17, offering the last chance for players to take in the environments, quests, and action combat before the game launches on March 4. On Xbox. […]

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