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Neverwinter Dumps Windows XP And Old Video Cards

Neverwinter joins the growing list of games dropping support for older versions of Windows, as with today’s update the client will no longer support Windows XP and video cards that don’t meet a certain Direct3D benchmark. The update was announced back in December as an effort to improve game performance and optimize the player experience. […]

Neverwinter Launches the Cloaked Ascendancy On PC

The world is slowing down, or at least that’s what the song in Neverwinter’s latest expansion told me. The Cloaked Ascendancy sees the city of Neverwinter once again under attack from external threats. It is up to you, the adventurer, to delve into the River District to fight back the Cloaked Ascendancy and once again […]

Double Experience Weekend Coming To Neverwinter

RuneScape isn’t the only game feeling generous with the experience this weekend. Adventurers in Neverwinter will once again have the opportunity to level up those companions at half the effort, as Perfect World Entertainment is running another double experience weekend. Starting Thursday at 7:30am PST and running through Monday February 20th at 7:30am PST, both […]

Star Trek Online: Agents of Yesterday Hits Consoles

The latest expansion pack for Star Trek Online hit consoles today, bringing with it the usual slew of new content, task force missions, new ships, and more. Agents of Yesterday brings players back to the 23rd century, putting them face to face with fan favorites from the original series including Chekov, Scotty, and Cyborg Crewman […]

Neverwinter Announces The Cloaked Ascendancy

Perfect World Entertainment has announced the next big update for Neverwinter, dubbed The Cloaked Ascendancy. Taking place after the events of Storm King’s Thunder, adventurers return to the city of Neverwinter only to find a new threat in the form of the Cloaked Ascendancy. In order to crush this new threat, players will head into The River […]

Neverwinter’s River District Offers Daily Advancement

Perfect World Entertainment has released a new developer blog discussing the River District, and a new threat from a group of wizards hell bent on taking over Neverwinter (who isn’t these days?). The goal of the River District is simple: Stop the wizards from taking control and reclaim the district for Lord Neverember. The campaign […]

Star Trek Online: Agents of Yesterday Hits Consoles February 14

Star Trek Online’s third expansion hits Xbox One and Playstation 4 next month, letting young couples show their love…for the original Star Trek series. Agents of Yesterday takes console gamers and tasks them with saving the future, by saving the past. The update includes new story missions as well as content from the Artifacts update. […]

Neverwinter Hosting another 2x Weekend Plus Tymora’s Gift

Perfect World Entertainment has announced that this weekend will see the return of double enchantment and runestones, as well as the return of the Tymora’s Gift event. The first one is pretty straightforward, any time you would normally receive enchantment or runestones from content in-game, you will receive double that amount. Tymora’s Gift, meanwhile, introduces […]

Turtle Rock Studios Working With Perfect World Entertainment

Perfect World Entertainment and Turtle Rock Studios have partnered up and are working on a brand new first person shooter with cooperative elements for PC and consoles. The title, and details around said game, are top secret right now and neither company is giving the scoop. Turtle Rock Studios most recently ended its development on […]

Beta Perspective: Gigantic

I’m having a lot of fun on Gigantic. I guess I should elaborate. I very rarely talk about MOBA titles here on MMO Fallout because I personally don’t care for them and, based on a poll I did a couple of years ago, my audience doesn’t either. So the few titles that I do talk […]