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Neverwinter Previews Upcoming Event

Cryptic Studios has detailed the next big event to hit Neverwinter. Currently embroiled in an ongoing war against the Dragon Cult, this week’s event sees Neverwinter under siege yet again by the forces of evil. The event ties into the latest campaign, Tyranny of Dragons. With this Siege of Neverwinter event will come the chance […]


Neverwinter Plays Dungeons and Dragons

Perfect World Entertainment has announced that Dungeons & Dragons is coming to Neverwinter. To be more specific, April 1st will see the adventurers answering the call of Respen Durothil, transformed into a miniature figurine and used in a rousing tabletop game of Dungeons & Dragons. Those who complete this adventure will have an opportunity for […]

Perfect World Arc Client Freebie: Khan Costume

Remember that Star Trek film where the guy shouts “Khan!” really loud? No I’m not talking about Into Darkness, I’m referring to the second film in the original series, The Wrath of Khan. Now you too can look like Khan, or at least dress the part. The Arc client is Perfect World’s central hub slash […]

MMOrning Shots: Winter Festival

Today’s MMOrning Shot comes to us from me, more specifically the very dangerous act of walking out onto a frozen lake in heavy metal armor. One of Neverwinter’s claims to holiday events has been to include a temporary skill that lasts for the duration of the event, and give players another thing to grind for. […]

Automatic Veteran Rewards For Champions Online Lifetime Subscribers

  As a token of thanks to players, Cryptic Studios has announced that anyone who purchases a lifetime subscription will receive all veteran awards immediately, regardless of how old their account is. This applies to all lifetime holders, old and new, and includes other exclusives like extra costume and character slots. Veteran rewards are issued […]

Neverwinter Readying Server Mergers

Neverwinter’s upcoming server merger is no surprise, the company has been straightforward about the fact that the three servers were there to spread out launch traffic as much as possible, and that they would be combined as soon as possible. In an FAQ posted to the Neverwinter forums, Perfect World has noted that the merger […]

Cryptic Makes Neverwinter Gateway More Useful

If you haven’t played Neverwinter, the crafting system is similar to Fallen Earth: You click a few buttons and then wait for the cooldown timer to stop. Gathering iron ore? That’s ten minutes. Researching new potions? That’s fifteen minutes. You unlock more research “slots” by leveling up your characters and leveling your crafting skills. Needless […]

Thank You For Not Competing

Perfect World Entertainment made news this week when they said that their plan with Neverwinter is not to compete with World of Warcraft. In an interview with Red Bull UK, Craig Zinkievich said that the goal was to “operate a fun game people like to play and want to come back to.” The developer believes […]

Neverwinter Unveils Caturday, Gift Pack For Players

As many of you are aware, Neverwinter suffered a fair bit of downtime this weekend thanks to the mass abuse of a bug allowing players to duplicate Astral Diamonds using the auction house. While originally stating that non-cheating characters would not be affected overall, Perfect World had decided to perform a rollback to early Saturday […]

Perfect World Responds To Recent Neverwinter Exploit

The Astral Diamond Exchange and Auction House are temporarily offline after a bug allowing players to duplicate astral diamonds was discovered and exploited by players. Perfect World has posted a notice on the forums that they are currently compiling data to see how widespread the effects of the exploit are, and will be using that […]